10 Awesome Ways to Say “I Love You” With a Text

Can’t be with your mate today? Say “I love you” with a text.

By: Faye Roberts

For a while, some people were “pooh-poohing” texting, saying it wasn’t a quality way to communicate with people.


“It’s too impersonal!” Everyone said.


But let’s face it …


Texting is here to stay.


And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. We can’t forget that talking on the phone was also criticized as being impersonal at one point in time …


So with that being said, we can agree that texting is actually a great way to communicate with your honey!


But! … The same old texts get worn out. And to keep things spicy and romantic, you need some new texting lingo. And this is especially true when you want to say “I love you” in a special way.


Sending a heartfelt, loving text has been shown to intensely amplify the connection between two people—whether you’re all the way across the country or the world from each other or just apart for the day before your big date in the evening.


So try these “I love you” texts on for size. Each one sends this eternal message in a new and unique way.


10 Unique  “I Love You” Messages


  1. “I was lying in bed this morning, and I realized that I actually feel deeper for you now than I ever have before.”


Here, you’re setting your sentiment in a place and time, and that’s great for expressing deep adoration to your partner. They’ll be able to imagine you thinking this very thought, and it will make them feel very special … and probably drive them wild.


  1. “I know you’re at work, but it’s been crazy today … I just can’t stop thinking about you and how lucky I am to have you in my life.”


When the butterflies are everywhere in a relationship, it’s obvious that you can’t stop thinking about your partner. So you can only assume that it’s the same for them. Now consider if you got a message like this one—wouldn’t it make you feel just great?


  1. “We’re going to be together soon, but I just have to tell you now … even after all these years, I still get nervous before I see you.”


It’s so cute and adorable for anyone to see someone they’re into getting nervous about them. “Nervous about me!?” you think to yourself … This sentiment will make your sweetie feel 100 percent special on this special day.


  1. “Sometimes I think about the fact that there is no way you will ever realize much I care about you.”


When you’ve been in a relationship for a while and maybe you have the house, the kids, the whole shebang life together … it can be hard to say “I love you” in a new way. But this text just admits the truth, and that’s really the best way to do it.


  1. “Honestly, what are you doing to me? I literally haven’t been able to get you off my mind for the past week.”


Again, this is a great one for new relationships. And most likely, it is seriously true. Those first few weeks and months of a new relationship make you feel … nuts! So don’t deny it. Tell them!


  1. “Every time I see you, I fall hard for you all over again.”


A great line for couples that have been together for a while, and if you’re still going strong, it’s probably very true. With that being said, sometimes we take feelings like this for granted and we shouldn’t. Tell your sweetheart how truly good they make you feel.


  1. “Even though I’m ___ miles away from you, I feel like you’re here … because I simply cannot get you out of my mind.”


Express your love in a raw and honest way, and it will easily travel the distance between you two.


  1. “I used to think that true love was just a fantasy, something you read about in books and see in movies. But the moment I met you, I realized all the hype was so very true. I can’t believe I found you.”


This is a great text for newlyweds or really anyone who has found their soul mate. It expresses the uniqueness you two have found in your union—something that was truly meant to be.


  1. “I don’t even know who I was before I met you. You’ve changed my life for the better in ways you can’t imagine.”


Life can be busy, messy and complicated. But when you can take the time to send a heartfelt message like this, it lets your partner know that you’re always thinking about how lucky you are to have them in your life. It lets them know you don’t take them for granted.


  1. “I know things between us have been rocky, but I realize today how desperately I want us to work out. You’re everything to me.“


When things are troublesome between you or you’re on the brink of splitting, it can be extra difficult, but it’s also vital that you make the most out of this opportunity so that you can patch things together.


It sounds crazy to a lot of couples at first, but it’s at this time—when there’s tension and fighting between you two—that text messages can make a gigantic difference for whether you make it or not.


You probably didn’t even know there’s a whole field of relationship counseling devoted to texting.


The specific program to teach this form of relationship counseling was created by a relationship expert named Michael Fiore who discovered that in this day and age, texting actually plays one of the most pivotal roles in getting rocky relationships back on track. It also simply helps bring any and all couples closer together.


Fiore has discussed this premise in the media as in his recent appearance on the Rachael Ray Show. And now you can actually go through the program yourself. It’s called Text the Romance Back, and so far, it’s helped tens of thousands of couples reignite the desire, passion, and true everlasting love in their relationships. You can get the program here … and take advantage of how it will literal transform your relationship life.


There are things you can’t do with texting like give an actual kiss or a real loving embrace.


But there are also things you can do through texting that you never thought were possible before. So don’t waste this text. Make it even more caring, even more heartfelt, and even more memorable with a unique “I love you” text.




  1. Dude, do you guys really need this advise? If you’re not already feeling and acting on this then you have issues……
    But keep in mind that there are women that this means nothing to them.
    I did this and more for 6 years and got left because apparently the travel, the gifts, the house, the blank check to decorate, the constant reassurance of love and commitment, the cars, doing for her kids, the dinners the dancing, the breakfast in bed, etc…..not of that mattered……some women have issues and nothing will work.