10 Non-Sexual Things You Do That Drive Him Wild

drive men wild



Most women are under the impression that when they are sexy or attractive to a man, it’s when they’re doing something sexual … maybe even overtly sexual.


In that way, if a woman wants to appear sexy to a man, she might do something like this:


  • Wear a push-up bra with a very low cut blouse
  • Wear a very short skirt
  • Speak in a sexy voice
  • Make sexual innuendos in conversation
  • Give a flirtatious smile or wink


Ok. Not bad.


But if you’re really interested in turning a guy on, you may try something a little more subtle. Even though you might not know it, there’s plenty you can do to get a man’s motor running—and not all of it is obviously sexual.


Lucky for us, some men have spilled the beans about little things women do that really turn them on.


If You’ve Done These Things in Front of a Man You’ve Probably Been Driving Him Wild

By: Faye Roberts


  1. Taking your hair down from a pony tail or bun.


Who knows why, but this drives men up the wall. They say it’s something about you reaching up and sort of casually changing your appearance all in one motion.


(By the way, putting up your hair seems to create the same sexy vibes for men. And bonus if you twist it up with a pencil … Hello, sexy librarian!).


  1. Yoga pants.


Men love our current era of yoga pant obsession, and why wouldn’t they!? These pants are snug and huggy in all the right places. Black seems to be the favorite among guys, especially if you’re looking to slim your hips.


Tip: Choose a thong or underwear with very thin edges to wear with your yogas. Panty lines kind of ruin your perfect curves.


  1. Putting on lotion.


You’re rubbing yourself. With lotion.


Anywhere, anytime is great. For example, if you’ve got your eyes on a guy at the office, keep a hand lotion in your purse and do a little moisturizing mid-meeting. He’ll notice.


Bonus: Choose a lotion with a luxurious, sexy smell (lots of men love vanilla).


  1. Reading books.


What’s not to love about a woman who reads? Especially if the guy’s a reader himself.


Choose a book that interests you, but if you’re looking to make an impression, don’t choose a cheap romance from the grocery store checkout line, and instead, pick up something with a little more weight.


  1. Making a quick and clever comment.


Contrary to some women’s beliefs, for long term relationship goals, guys don’t dig dummies or pushovers. Especially if he’s fairly witty and clever, he’ll be impressed if you can dish it back.


There’s no real way to work on this, but it might help to pretend like he’s your best friend or sibling when you’re talking. That way, you won’t filter your responses to sound “nicer” or “more pleasant.” Be real. Say what you mean and mean what you say. The wit will reveal itself.


  1. A random swear.


Guys love this. They think it’s cute.


And again, remember there’s no need to be a goody two-shoes. If you swear with your friends, swear around him.


One caveat: Peppering swears into every sentence may be a bit overboard. But it’s okay to throw one in during a conversation about something you’re feeling extra zealous about. This is hot to men.


  1. Glasses.


Glasses. Thick (librarian-esque) frames. Sexy, messy hair. Beware of man drool.


  1. Reaching for something up high.


This one is sort of weird, but it’s definitely a thing. Guys love when women reach for things, aka, when you stand on your tip toes.


They say it’s something about you stretching and elongating your body. It reminds them of you in a sexual setting, i.e. In bed. And bonus if you’ve got tight pants on.


So the next time you’re looking for something in the office closet that’s right across from his desk … why not check out the tippy top shelf while you’re at it.


  1. Being passionate about something he doesn’t know about.


If you read this and said to yourself, “Ugh, I don’t have any passions!” think again.


There’s always something you know tons about that he doesn’t know about. A “passion” doesn’t have to be oil painting or opera singing. Maybe for you, it’s history, movies, cooking, baking, writing, weaving, fishing, or a sport.


If you really can’t think of something, find something! It’s never the wrong time or too late to start a new hobby or get a new passion.


When you do find something, talk about it. Be into it. Your complete indulgence in something other than him is a huge turn on.


  1. Confidence.


Finally, confidence wins a guy over every time. And in fact, this one goes both ways. In other words, confidence in men probably wins you over too. Have you ever met a guy you liked who you would never be attracted to on a normal basis? He was probably super confident.


There’s just something about someone who can be kind and helpful and sweet but who gives zero [email protected]#&$ about what anyone else thinks.


This could be you.


So flaunt yourself! Be bold and charming and sweet. And use these subtle tips above to drive him wild when you’re not even at first base with him yet! Just make sure to always hold your own as well. Be confident in you.


Believe us, he’ll notice.


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  1. For me, #6 is completely wrong. There’s nothing cute about a random swear. It’s crude and impolite. Somehow feminism in its effort to prove women could do anything men could do thought outdoing them at their bad habits was a good idea. So at the least pay attention to whether the guy tends to swear randomly before you let loose with it. If your guy doesn’t swear unless you drop an anvil on his foot (or maybe doesn’t swear even then), he’s probably not going to find it cute. And some portion of guys who do swear up a storm actually don’t like their girl to sound like them.