10 Things Every Guy Wants to Hear in Bed

10 Things Every Guy Wants to Hear in Bed

(How to Keep Him Sexually Obsessed With You)

By: Faye Roberts

10 things every guy wants to hear in bed

Let’s get one thing straight:

Guys love being in bed with you … period.


This is a widely understood fact among men. But sigh … women continue to worry and fret over the pooch in their tummy, the shape of their nipples and that mole on their back.

Just cool it darlings: He’s really happy to be there.


Ok, now that we’ve got that set, we can talk about making his (and your) experience even better.


Yep, dirty talk.

But not just any dirty talk. You want to know the things he dreams about you saying when you’re not there. The things that will drive him wild and keep him fantasizing about you when you’re not there.

The things that will make him sexually obsessed with you for days, weeks, months to come …

For some women, dirty talk is a breeze. Others of us need a little nudge in the right direction!


So here we go:

The Top 10 Things All Men Would Die to Hear in Bed

  1. “You’re sooo big”

Bingo. Guys like compliments, it’s true. And this is just about the best one they can get when you’re rollin’ around with each other. Be enthusiastic about it, and make sure to use your hands (or otherwise) to show him just how impressed you are. Trust us, he’ll go crazy for you.

  1. “Shall we change positions?”


This one’s great because it lets him know you’re into being creative, and you’re excited about sex! (Some women aren’t as many men will sadly tell you.) It’s also good for when you’re just not digging the current position.

One note: Make sure to say it in your sexiest voice, maybe even whisper it in his ear. Otherwise it might come across that you don’t like the current position (and even if that’s true, it can be a buzz kill if you know what we mean).

  1. “I want ______ so bad.”


This is a primal statement that can work for a number of positions and moves. When you put “so bad” on the end of any phrase, it just makes it that much more exciting for both him and you. The urgency in the utterance tells him you need him, and that alone may push him over the edge!


  1. His name


Saying his name in the midst of a passionate romp helps him know that it’s him and only him that’s making you feel this way. You’re not with just any guy—you’re with him and you know it. Don’t belabor this, but sprinkle it in amongst some of your dirty talk to make your session in the sheets more passionate and personal.


  1. Exactly, particularly … whatever it is you want from him


Men want to please. When they know they’re making you feel good, it turns them on even more. So it makes sense that they’ll most definitely be into whatever it is that gets you off. Tell him, and not only will he go wild … he’ll do it!


  1. “Your ____ is/are so sexy…”


Another good compliment line here, but you can use it for anything: muscles, arms, chest, back, stomach …

Now one point here: Be specific. Don’t just throw these lines out like you’re reading a script. Really think about what it is that truly turns you on—even if it’s something a little different, like his hands, legs, chest hair or voice. Chances are he’ll be very interested in hearing about it …


  1. “I love when you tell me what you like …”


This can be a helpful phrase for when you feel a guy might be clamming up a bit. After all, sex can be stressful on men, especially if it’s one of the first times you two are in bed together.

When you tell him that you love to hear what he likes and wants in bed, it might help him open up and get a little more chatty. It lets him know you’re interested … very interested … to know how to please him.


  1. “Right there.”


Use this when he really is doing a great job at … whatever it is. This encourages him to keep doing it! And it will probably arouse him to no end. Again, he loves making you feel good.


  1. “Do whatever you want.”


Get ready for this one … he may take you up on it right away. Of course, remember to use this with a guy who will take things only as far as you want to go. In other words, you probably won’t want to try this line with someone the first time you’re having sex.


  1. Moans and “oh!’s”


Finally, do not underestimate the power of a good moan or sigh or … “oohhaahhh!” They want to know you’re into it! Little sounds and “oohs” and “aahs” tell them they’re doing a good job, and this makes them feel awesome. Hey, those little noises can also help get you in the mood too!