10 Things That Make Men Wild With Desire

10 Little Things That Make Men Wild With Desire

By: Faye Roberts



Men are strange beings.


Spend hours finding the perfect shade of nail polish for a date …
He’ll never notice.


Bite your lip while you’re trying to remember “the name of that one movie …”
Makes him crazy. He loves it.


So how can you know exactly what’s going to attract a guy?


Well, you’ll be glad to know: we’ve got the goods. So if there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, listen up. The following is a list of the top 10 things you can do to drive him wild with desire.


These are the things that guys don’t mention to women. Usually, they just think them in their heads … or talk about them “man to man.”


For this reason, you likely haven’t heard them before. In fact, you might actually be very surprised what they are. But hey, these come direct from the mouths of men.


Drive Him Crazy by Simply Doing These 10 Little Things


  1. The first one’s a cinch: Wear a necklace that falls into your cleavage. Guys love this visual. It will make them hot to go where that necklace has gone…

  2. Okay now: When you’re on opposite sides of the room, look at him and try to lock eyes. Don’t be a creep, girl! But do steal a stare or two. When he sees you doing it and you lock eyes, he’ll be so flattered. Wouldn’t you be?

  3. Twirl your hair through your fingers. Do this when you’re talking together or if he’s within eyesight. Do it slowly and thoughtfully, and watch him while you do it: So sexy.

  4. Have a signature scent, and don’t skimp! If you can spend money on one thing and one thing only, let it be your perfume. Spend time picking a sexy one, and wear it whenever he’s around. He’ll associate that great smell with how great you are.  Bonus: They especially love vanilla and cinnamon—who knew?

  5. When you’re around him, put on lip gloss in front of him. Do this slowly and methodically. Don’t use a mirror (come on, you’re a woman, you can do this!) and catch his eye while you’re doing it. Seriously, that wet lip gloss gliding along your lips will: Drive. Him. Wild.

  6. Again when you’re together, put away your phone. Don’t just avoid looking at it. Literally leave it in your car / house / purse. Your devotion to the conversation will make him appreciate how genuine you are.

  7. Sit up straight. This shows elegance and poise, and it also shows a confidence that doesn’t have to be loudly broadcast—like a woman who shouts her opinion.

  8. When you’re in tight corners, give him a brush-by. This is when you pass by him and gently touch him (even though you don’t technically need to). You might brush your chest against his back when passing from behind or grab his arm to steady yourself when getting up from the bar stool.

  9. Reach up high for something in front of him (like a book on a shelf). Goodness knows why men find this crazy, sexy, hot … but they really do.

  10. If you’re just chatting or talking, part your lips or bite your lip or lightly brush your tongue on your lip. Basically they love it when you open your mouth, and they love it even more when your lips are involved …


Got any more ninja tips up your sleeve? Leave a comment below!