The 25 Most Romantic Love Quotes You Will Ever Read.

There is nothing better on this earth than a soul you can connect with on every level.

~ Author Unknown

A soul you can connect with.



  1. Is there any way that yall could make or find a poem with two names I’m trying to give my wife and daughter the best present I possibly can before there birthdays if you could help I’d really appreciate it and yalls work is great keep it up

    1. Hi Allen

      My boyfriend (a lovely Irish charmer who has the gift of the gab and is highly proficient with language due to years of acting training) is just starting a business where he writes poetry on commission for just this kind of thing.
      If this would appeal to you, please respond and I’ll ask him to get in touch.

  2. That’s good work, I studied literature for years so I can easily appreciate the poems. However, I have gradually lost the meaning of love over time after my first terrible heart break and a few minor ones that came after it, now I love with my mind and not my heart, I find it as easy as drinking water to let go of a relationship, my heart is never broken when I lose a boyfriend.
    To add salt to an injury, am now used to breaking hearts,I don’t feel guilty at all. And because of this character that started as a defensive mechanism to stop pain when I lost boyfriend, I have lost patience in love, one small mistake a guy makes can make me call off the relationship.
    I TERRIBLY HATE THE NEW ME , I used to write love songs but I don’t any more, I have lost the value of love. It’s so nostalgic when I remember those days when I loved with my heart and depressing that I can’t , no matter how much money I have, truly love again.

  3. While yours are good, I have been telling my wife for the last 16 years; “If God made a more beautiful woman then you, he kept her for himself.” This is only one of the compliments that I give her on a daily basis. She keeps telling me I should right a book on how to schmooz.

  4. I have made myself available to be searched for the one who will love me. Yet he is afraid. I find that loving me is nice but to have that lost love is even better. I thoroughly enjoy reading LSI. I get inspired and gain more Hope for the love that has yet to find me.

  5. I understand 110% I agree I feel the same way. We was together a almost 8 years… our anniversary would be on the 23 of this month.. And we all ways loved one of the other but right towards the end we wasn’t being heathy for each other Arguments and drugs all the time… but lucky we got clean before we split up!

  6. Once You Get to know me
    And because you can see
    Thru the shell of protection
    That is thinning instead of harder
    You may be surprised
    How many times you will be
    My first How much I
    I have never received
    How closed I am to embrace.
    I have given if door was open
    I never trusted to open me
    Sad at my age maybe why
    My body soul and heart
    Are shutting down
    A life of mere survival
    Trying to be enough
    To take care of all around me
    These years of being alone
    The impact of my life
    On my health and having
    To ‘re-learn rudimentary
    Tasks most take for granted
    Still managing to see God’s
    Beauty…The Jazz of Nature’s song
    Learning to be open
    Instead of My Stage Act
    My covering all pain
    And A lifetime
    Of loneliness with A Joke
    Feeling so weak without
    Any clue of how to get help
    I have learned to respect me
    My Journey Injuries Family
    I now respect Michelle
    I have overcome so much
    And never lost my Morals
    And still crave to be loved
    Not changed..
    Love is my goal
    The rest will come

  7. UMM that is actually from the bible 1 Corinthians 13 she just reworded some things … it is a beautiful poem but the kudos of who wrote it should go to where it belongs not to somebody who plagiaries it.