3 Attraction-Sparking Conversation Tips That Will Make You Irresistible To Men

3 Attraction-Sparking Conversation Tips That Will Make You Irresistible To Men

By Mirabelle Summers

3 Attraction-Sparking Conversation Tips That Will Make You Irresistible To Men

Have you ever struggled to talk to a man you are interested in?

Believe me, it happens to all of us. No matter how smart, gorgeous, capable and loving you are, when it comes to men sometimes it can be like your voice has a mind of its own. You clam up and struggle to think of things to say, you start talking too much, or you stumble and fumble over words.

If this sums up a lot of your experiences with men, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many women (and men for that matter) experience difficulty in talking to someone they are attracted to. And the simple reason behind this is that we are all scared of rejection… We don’t want our egos to be hurt or to risk losing someone we really like.

Luckily, there are a few simple tricks and guidelines to follow that will make it a lot easier to let your true, vibrant self shine through when you are talking to men. And I am going to share three of these with you right now:

1. You have more power in the nonverbals than the verbals.

Do you find that you’re always worried about saying the wrong thing when you’re talking to a man? As it turns out, it isn’t so much about WHAT you say that makes you attractive to a man, it’s more about projecting warmth, happiness and confidence in your communication. Because when a woman is giving off these vibes, it makes him feel good too.

And how do you do this?

Through eye contact, smiles, laughter and relaxed body language. I’ve seen it time and time again and I’m sure you have too – the woman who draws in the attention of every man at the party is always the one lighting up the room with her smile and laughter.

So to draw a guy in from the word go, catch his eye and smile at him before you’ve even started talking. This is a great way to help you both to relax and ease into conversation. Plus, it will also have the additional effect of making you feel more confident!


2. Confidence and passion is the sexiest mode of conversation.

There are few things sexier to a man than listening to a woman speak with passion about something that she loves. It shows that she is unique and interesting, she has confidence, and it ultimately results in making a man desperately desire for her to feel as happy and passionate about HIM.

So when a guy asks you questions about yourself, avoid the urge to quickly brush over the answer and turn the focus back onto him. Instead, answer with enthusiasm and give detail (without going off topic). Tell him what you love about your job and your hobbies, and don’t be afraid to share some funny stories or interesting experiences.

I know for a fact that every woman out there has traits and interests that men will find incredibly attractive, and guys have a lot of respect for women who have their own interests, opinions and preferences.


3. Learning to speak a man’s language is half the battle.

Men communicate differently to women, it’s true. And when you learn how ‘man-speak’ works, you will find that you connect with guys a lot easier. So let me give you a few pointers when it comes to speaking the foreign tongue of man.

First of all, due to the structure of the male brain, men find it difficult to follow more than one thread of conversation at once, and can ‘zone out’ if they lose their train of thought. On the other hand, women have a natural ability to easily move between topics and come back to certain points after exploring others. So it’s important that when you’re talking to a guy, you keep him engaged by sticking to one topic at a time, and making it clear when you are moving to a new topic.

Also, don’t be afraid of the odd pause in your conversation. Men would much prefer to talk to a woman they can have the odd comfortable silence with than one who never stops talking… because again, an endless stream of conversation can overwhelm them.
Lastly, men LOVE to problem-solve, and their brains are particularly well set up for doing this. Therefore a great way to flatter a guy’s ego and get an enthusiastic response from him is to ask for his advice on a practical issue. For example, “I hear you’re an expert on computers… I was thinking about buying a new laptop and was wondering if there was any particular brand you’d recommend?”

Most guys will be more than eager to share their knowledge, and your admiration and appreciation of his advice will go a long way in boosting his attraction for you.

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All the best in life and love,
Mirabelle Summers.

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  1. You always discuss Men’s wants as a woman I have requirements too. Why not share with male audience “what not to do” or “what turns women off” or “how to keep your lady happy and wanting more” I have experienced that once a man feels he has his lady, the corting stops. In actually women love to be wanted thought about and are appreciated just as they were when they were dating. It’s not always the man ….I count too.