3 Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

3 Signs That Your Ex Secretly Wants You Back

by Michael Fiore

3 signs your ex secretly wants you back


OK, one of the biggest questions I get all the time is about getting your EX boy/girlfriend or EX husband/wife back.


And over the years I’ve discovered 3 almost-crazy signals that let you know if you have any chance whatsoever of getting your ex back . . .

Or if you should move on, lick your wounds and never, ever look back.


What are the signs?

The first sign is if they’re still ANGRY at you even if it’s been a while since you broke up.

See, I’ve got a saying. It goes like this: “Hate isn’t the opposite of love, apathy is.”

(OK, I’m sure plenty of other people have said that one too.)

If your ex is MAD at you, still yells at you or even says horrible things about you to people it means they’re still “emotionally invested” in some way.

That doesn’t mean you SHOULD get back together, but it does mean there’s EMOTION there.

That also doesn’t mean that because they’re acting out angrily, they’re doing it because they want to be back with you.  They really may just be angry.  That’s why you have to look for more signs as well.  Speaking of which, let’s get to sign number two!


The 2ND SIGN is that they get UPSET if you go “No contact” on them.

Actually, a lot of people are shocked at how powerful “No contact” can actually be and how their exes tie themselves into knots as soon as you stop being at their beck and call.  Go figure, right?  You’d be surprised by how people react when their ego is on the line.

Beyond that, Cinderella (not the glass slipper version, rather, the 80s hair god band) got it right – “Don’t Know What You Got (‘Til It’s Gone).  Sometimes, making yourself very scarce shakes a lover awake and opens their eyes to what they may be losing – YOU.

This is why the ’30 day no contact rule’ is a cornerstone of my best-selling Text Your Ex Back program.  A good dose of “space” usually gives not only your partner more clarity regarding your relationship but more importantly, it gives you much needed time to wipe away the relationship fog in your brain so that you can make decisions more clearly.   


And the third sign is kind of weird and maybe even a little dangerous.

The third sign is if the ex seemed to “Move on” REALLY quickly after the breakup, dating or getting a “boy/girlfriend” within a few weeks of when your relationship ended.

In a lot of cases “moving on” like that (without giving time to mourn a relationship properly) doesn’t define whether they’re “over you,” or not.  What it definitely means is that there’s a giant hole in their life and their heart where you used to be and they’re looking for ANYBODY to fill it.

Of course knowing if you have a CHANCE to get them back doesn’t tell you EXACTLY how to get them back . . .


Which is why I want you to go watch this video which I think will astonish you . . .


It shows you how to use tiny little text messages to entice your ex into starting over again . . .


This is powerful stuff and you should be really careful to only use it if you ACTUALLY want your ex back.



Article source: Digital Romance


  1. What happened to my Comment?

    It was posted yesterday and appeared at that time (after a short time period where it cleared Moderator).

    Are negative comments about advice given censured?

    1. Of course they are!

      Especially if it happens to be negative to an advertiser. Which this author (Mike) seems to be.

      This site has some very good and inspirational advice posters and pictures quite often. But other times has some really juvenile stuff! A lot of it being BAD advice. I also see that the vast majority of their stuff is oriented towards the concept of “bad men” and “victimized women”.

      Not sure what “lsi” stands for but I often think the site should be “iamfemakeandlovemyself” (with it made clear that relationships are not something that she should work on)!

    2. Original Commentary (edited)

      No, no, no!

      I bought into multiple different programs (including this very one) that had this same set of themes as their keystones… and they simply made a BAD situation a hundred times worse. Wife broke things off — after 45 years of marriage — and I physically separated for 3 months and during that time frame I went step by step with these programs that I paid good money for. Only to watch things crumble further. I was repeatedly told by friends that leaving and specifically having NO CONTACT was by far the WORSE thing that I could have done!

      And they were right.

      Upon my return, my wife had already (just a few days earlier) talked to a divorce attorney. It took a tremendous amount of communicating (repeatedly on my part) and staying focused on THE goal of resuming a lifetime commitment (my wife had fallen prey to the “Self Love” and “Individualism Above ALL Else” gurus… relationship “experts” like Margaret and Jordan Paul who continued publishing on relationship “healing” and selling worthless relationship “help” programs YEARS after their own divorce!!! A prime example being “Do I Have to Give Up Me to Be Loved by You?”) to get things even remotely back towards a positive “we’re working at it” approach.

      PLEASE… If you are in this situation, please utilize more mature programs / books like the Mort Fertel books and program and/or books by Dr. Susan M. – Sue – Johnson (“Love Sense – The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships”) and/or Hugh and Gayle Prather (“I Will Never Leave You – How Couples Can Achieve the Power of Lasting Love”) and/or (if it hasn’t collapsed completely – or is on its way back) Ellen Kreidman’s “10 Second Kiss” and/or Shmuley Boteach’s “Kosher Sex”

      In my opinion, if your significant other is any kind of real person and your relationship was / is more than a “puppy love” relationship, the advice presented here is (IMO) hurtful and even demeaning (to both you and the one that you are trying to re-establish things with)!

  2. Okay, WOW!

    Firstly, Larry, we don’t censor comments unless they’re hateful in nature, spam, or pornographic. That is NOT allowed here and because it’s our site, we reserve the right to censor in that manner. IF your comment was removed, it was for that reason. However, the site has been having issues for the past couple of days so it’s possible that it’s a technical issue.

    Elroy, I’m glad that you find inspiration in the content that we share with our community. As for the rest of your comments, that is a matter of opinion which is perfectly fine. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it.

    What I will say though is that what you may find juvenile and offensive is actually helpful to others. We try our best to be fair to both men and women and to empower both in the process. Most of our community is actually women so a lot of our articles are meant to empower them. That doesn’t mean that this is done at a cost to men. In fact, we are very cognisant of expressing exactly the opposite.

    What you have to bear in mind is that there are a lot of people who have been hurt and are looking for a way back. We do our best to offer them a healthy outlook into relationships so that they are not permanently jaded from their negative experiences. You may not see it that way but you’re not on this side talking with the community every day. We know very well how many people both the page and the advice from relationship experts has helped.

    Which brings me back to my original point. You may not agree with what I’ve just said but that is simply your opinion which I can respect. I see the actual results though and that’s what matters to me.



  3. Gia,

    Thank you for your reply.

    And I do respect your opinion (though it seems to me that this posting as less of an opinion and more of a commercial for a “Get Your Ex Back” program … one of a number that were of the same exact vein that I actually USED with disastrous results that will take many, many more months – on top of the 5 that I have already invested since then to correct).

    What I found very disappointing was that MY opinion (an opinion based upon experience) was not given the respect that you feel that yours should be given.

    The material was NOT hateful, nor was it Spam nor was it pornographic. Those are the rules as you indicated. And yet, after initially appearing, it was gone. As you said, there apparently was difficulty with some technical issues around that time, and I will give an assumption that it was due to some type of glitch.

    That said, as it happens, I have a copy of the original posting (from me, my initial reply comment) that I had copied out for spell check purposes.

    I am sure that, with the indicators that you have provided, that you then should have no problem with me posting it again….

    I believe that it is important in that the original posting offered other (IMO, much more positive) options for site viewers who may find themselves in this position and absolutely desire to “get their EX – or potentially EX – back).

    Thank you.

    P.S. You state “You may not agree with what I’ve just said but that is simply your opinion which I can respect. I see the actual results though and that’s what matters to me.” Have you been in this position and used this program? Or are your results related to you? As I said, I personally used THIS program myself (as well as in sequence two others that, interestingly almost clones… and it seemed to me that none of the authors had the professional backgrounds in this area.

    Also, I will point out that I am 63, that I have been married for over 45 years, have been with my wife romantically for over 46 years (since we were 17… and we ARE back together NOW, though work continues to be needed done – and probably always will, that being the nature of TRUE relationships versus Self-Love relationships) and that we have 4 children (actually 5, however our first died shortly after birth) and 13 grandchildren.

    I just wonder how most would reflect in comparison…. Married? Ever married? Age? Number of full-blown relationships? Time length of relationships?

    It just may be that with age there does (eventually!) come wisdom and that my experiences – as grading of available expert options – very likely could be very useful to ones truly ready to commit.

  4. well what if u met someone and you were together for 3 and half years and u find out that your just a friends with benefits n he says more than that. buys u jewelery and has female friends constantly around. yet he continues to call u n text u accuses u of cheating. how can u cheat if ur not bf/gf?? i have been emotionally drained

  5. I’ve said some mean things about my ex, jumped into a new relationship right away. I tell my girlfriend now I hate my ex. But I still text her and call her

    1. @ Eric u have issues. First of all you should NEVER ump into another relationship its not FAIR to the other person.U should break it off and call your ex n talk n see if u can reconcile. Thats why i have issues with men! they dont know what the F*** they want n all players!!!!

  6. My husband left me on my birthday this year. A month before our 1 year wedding anniversary while I was 4 1/2 months pregnant with our daughter. He has moved on a month later and about 2 months ago we stopped talking unless he wants to see our daughter. He has been so hurtful and mean since he left me. So I am confused on if he would still want me. I don’t know if I’d take him back if he did but I want to know. We will be officially divorced in December