3 Ways to Create Life-Changing Relationship Abundance

Create Life-Changing Relationship Abundance




Everyone wants to have abundance in life: an abundance of money, friendships, good health, fulfilling work and more. Maybe you have most of that. Maybe you have it all.


But what about your romantic relationship?


How’s that going for you?


Knowing how to create abundance in your romantic life will not only bring you more happiness and joy, but it can also open hundreds of other new doors for you in all aspects of your life.


So if you have ever found yourself fumbling to find or keep a solid romantic relationship that is fulfilling and joyful, this is what you must do.


These are the 3 ways that will turn it all around for you and give you the abundant life you’ve been searching for.


1. Be Your Authentic Self


Sounds easy right? But how many of us are truly our authentic selves around our partners? You try to please them by liking only what they like, acting a certain way around their friends, holding back your true opinions.


This is lying to yourself and the universe. A true and loving partner will love you for you.


Sure, you might not always agree. That’s okay!


And yes, every successful relationship does require some compromise. But this is the thing: when you find yourself hiding things about yourself because you’re scared the other person won’t respond well, you’ve got trouble. You must trust that your partner will appreciate the authentic you. Or else the truth will come out sooner or later, and it might not be good.


Clearly show your true self. Put yourself out there. And don’t be afraid to voice what you really want either. This brings us to the next point.


2. Remember – You Only Get What You Ask For


The Law of Attraction. It states that whatever you want, whatever lights your fire and stirs your desire will come to you … but you have to ask for it.


Seems simple. And it actually is, but not many people take advantage of it.


Think about how many times you got what you wanted from your partner without saying anything. Maybe in bed last night you wanted to try a new position. Or on this particular Tuesday night, your usual Chinese takeout dinner just didn’t sound good, so you wanted Mexican.


Did you get what you wanted by not saying anything? Probably not.


You have to say what you want. Bring it up. Ask about it. Voice your opinion and communicate.


And that goes for everything in your relationship from alone time and sex to money issues and how the living room furniture is arranged. Focus on what you want. Be firm but kind about it. Abundance comes to those who ask.


3. Be Honest About Your Fears


We’ve all got fears. They’re scary and they’re always popping up, but the only way they can actually be harmful is if you try to shove them deep down.


Unacknowledged fears will block you from having an abundant life.


This means you’ve got to talk about them. Be honest about your fears to your partner. Together, you can acknowledge and dismantle them to make way for abundance.


Don’t forget, however, that you also need to let the past go. Fear often stems from re-encountering the same situation and remembering how it turned out the last time. Maybe in the past you were cheated on or abruptly dumped without explanation. Your new partner is not that old one.


Voice your fears and talk about them, but if your current partner has assured you that your fears are unnecessary and unfounded, make sure you drop it. Learn to let go and move on because not doing so could ruin a great relationship.


Finally, cultivate abundance in all areas of your life.


Abundance in your romantic life will help create abundance in other areas of your life as well: money, family, friendships, work, health … the list goes on. But you need those other areas to be abundant so that your love life can thrive as well. Everything works together.


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