3 Ways To Get His Full Attention

3 Ways to Create the Love, Attention and Affection You Deserve and Want with a Man

by Nadine Piat

ways to get his attention


Perhaps you’ve been dating someone for a while, maybe you’re married or possibly single and looking for love…


No matter what stage of finding love or a relationship you’re in, it can feel terribly empty and lonely when your deepest longings and desires are not matched and reciprocated by the very man you desire or care deeply for.


I wonder how much time you spend worrying and stressing trying to work out how to get the man you want to care for you and love you in a way that feels heart connected and intimate?


Without realizing it, there could be a few things you’re doing that are standing in your way that can create an instant disconnection with a man…


We went to school to learn to read, write, to do math, science, art, etc., though most of us were never taught about communication, love, intimacy and relationships, which collectively happens to be the most important part of life, because everything we do is about relating to others and ourselves.


So, if you’re troubled in the area of love and intimacy, then know you’re not alone, and there are things you can do to quickly change your love success.


Here are three things you can do today that will create the love, attention and affection you deserve and want with a man:


1. Stop “trying” to be sexy!

Women can spend so much money, time and effort trying to make themselves more sexy for a man.  A woman who’s overly done up and looks as though she spends hours trying to look sexy and beautiful creates the opposite effect to what she was intending.  Sure, men like a woman that looks good and smells good, though many women take it too far and instead of attracting quality men, most men will think that you’re too much work or that you’re high maintenance.


A really short dress and lots of cleavage doesn’t make you sexier, nor does lots of make-up, pouting and hair flicking.  Trying to be sexy can come across as weird and off-putting.


A confident, self-loving woman who’s at peace with herself radiates true authentic sexiness.  This woman attracts the best men, the men who want real love and are ready for love.


2. Stop acting like you don’t care.

You’d be surprised how many women don’t encourage a man they like.  Many women worry about appearing too eager for fear of coming across as needy – and instead of this making him keener, she discourages him.  This is confusing to men.  Sure, the players might like the confusion, though relationship ready men will tend to lose interest in the ‘Miss Hot and Cold’ charade.


Don’t do it!  Be authentic.


Let him know you like him without being a doormat. And if it’s the early stages of dating, the truth is; you don’t know who the man really is, if you’re compatible and if he’s a man of character yet.  So be encouraging without putting the cart before the horse.


If you’re in relationship, then perhaps it’s time to show more appreciation and do some nice things for each other (more than you already do).


3. Overcome feeling nervous and anxious around men.

One of the quickest and most powerful things you can do to connect to a man’s heart is to shift your energy.  When a woman feels insecure and uncertain about a guy her energy screams it.  Nervousness can be cute in the early stages of dating, though not all nervousness comes from the same root source.


If you’re stressed about a guy, you might think that you’re acting cool and relaxed, though there’s a pretty good chance he can feel something’s going on.  People can normally tell when someone’s feeling edgy, anxious or dis-empowered.  When someone senses a level of insecurity, unspoken dissatisfaction or neediness most people will pull away.


Try this out:  When you’re speaking with a guy, or spending time with him face to face.  I encourage you to lighten your energy and connect with your own heart.  Breathe into your heart space and allow yourself to smile a little – not like a clown, a gentle loving smile, like the Mona Lisa, this will help you to instantly relax and feel peaceful. 


It doesn’t matter if you have things to work out with him, or if you’re feeling hurt and angry. That’s irrelevant.  Drop the ‘school teacher’, little girl having a ‘tantrum’, or ‘mummies upset’ with you vibe… men detest that and will shut down.  Communicate from the heart, not from a place of fear.


Try this heart energy and he’ll instantly feel more at ease with you. He will also feel safe around you and that’s something that men desire and need in order to open up to you.


So there you have it!  You now have a taste of three things you can do to bring a man closer that you can start doing right now.

Don’t give up!  Keep loving you and being a woman who draws in the best men.

Loving and connecting with a man is simple when you know how!


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