5 Awesome Benefits of Cuddling

5 Awesome Benefits of Cuddling

by Rick Wall

5 awesome benefits of cuddling


Developing intimacy and happiness in a relationship is a full time job that requires an exceptional amount of commitment. Intimacy comes in many forms; however, one would be hard pressed to find a physical mechanism that helps to cultivate closeness and intimacy in a relationship the way that cuddling does.

There are multitudinous physical and psychological benefits associated with cuddling. Not only does it help to develop a strong bond within the relationship, but it also provides a number of individual health benefits.

There is something remarkably affirming about cuddling. It is the one way to express love without having to say a word. It is a powerful way to connect with your partner, and it provides warmth and security.


Ready to check out 5 of the most amazing benefits? Let’s go!


Cuddling Strengthens the Relational Bond

There are numerous studies that reveal that the closer you are to your partner during sleep hours, the more likely you will be to feel satisfied and happy with your relationship in general.

Actually, cuddling is a natural human activity that begins at birth, and humans relate the warmth of cuddling with the feeling of love and security they felt as infants.

Research also reveals that cuddling releases oxytocin, which is the “good time” hormone; subsequently, the feeling of overall happiness rises to an exceptional level.


It Enhances Your Sex Life

According to research conducted by the University of Toronto, those who end their sexual encounter by cuddling report experiencing higher levels of satisfaction with their partners.

This is important because it gives a higher level of value to the sexual experience. Taking the time to invest in post-sex intimacy serves to affirm and strengthen the emotional beyond and the sexual bond — increasing the value of the overall experience.

It Helps to Relieve Pain

Believe it or not, the touch of a loved one has the power to reduce the intensity of pain. Think back to when you were a child and you fell and hurt yourself. That kiss from your mother or father seemed to make it all better.

That same dynamic is in play with your mate. Whether it is a sore back or you are recovering from some type of injury, cuddling is a powerful and effective coping mechanism. Actually, it is the oxytocin released during cuddling that helps to relieve pain. The combination of the emotional intimacy and the increase level of the hormone oxytocin seems to make those aches bearable.

It Enhances the Level of Affection in Your Relationship

There are very few things on this planet that have the capacity to rival the intimacy that is produced through cuddling — especially after sex. It does not only increase the level of affection experienced in the relationship, but it is the ideal mechanism to allow you to effectively communicate your affection to your partner.

There are those moments when words are not sufficient to express the love that you feel for your significant other; however, there is something about touch that lucidly communicates the deepest of feelings most adequately.


It Reduces Stress and Blood Pressure

As much as cuddling helps to enhance your relationship, it also has some powerful effects on your individual health.

According to stress management coach, Catherine A. Connors, physical contact with others is highly effective in helping people reduce stress levels. Whether it is kissing, touching or higher levels of physical intimacy, the release of oxytocin, which enhances the bonding process, leads to lower stress levels, and the subsequent chemical reaction can help to reduce your blood pressure.

I suggest to all of my clients that they should think of cuddling as a form of communication within their relationship, and just as all other forms of communication must remain open and active, so does cuddling.