5 Ideas for Some Sexy Summer Fun

Summer fun


You’re sick of the old stuff.


I get it. They all say to have sex in the shower, look into each other’s eyes, do it upside down on a balcony at noon …


It’s just like … Come on, guys! Give us something new!


Well, here you are. You asked, and I’m delivering. Summer is here, and it’s time to let the kinkiness rise right along with the temperature.


1) Creative. Dirty Talking. In a Public Space.


It’s summer, so you’re naturally going to be outside and in public spaces more. And actually, this is a great kinky sex tip to do on vacation because you can be sure no one will know you—just in case you get “caught” 😉


So let’s get down to it. How to do this one:


You first need a topic that is not about sex but that is rather conducive to talking about sex. Then you need to get creative with the topic by engaging in an intense discussion about it … with dirty innuendos. And you might even invite others to join in (although they’ll really have no idea what’s going on).


Here’s an example. Topic: Getting “work done” (like on your car).


  • Woman: I really need some work done, do you think you can help me?
  • Man: Of course I can, I feel like you really do need something too … and I’d be glad to get in there with my hands, lift up the hood, and inspect every inch again and again until we get it right …
  • Woman: Oh, that’s It’s just that it’s so messy right now … it’s really wet. I’m not sure if that’s bad or good, what do you think?
  • Man: Oh I think that’s very good.


Etc., etc. …


2) Sex in the grass. Yes, you.


This one might be on some lists, but now’s the time to take it seriously!! Yeah. Go outside and have sex. What’s deterred you before? Probably:


  • Someone seeing
  • Pine needles
  • Someone seeing
  • Bugs
  • Grass in weird places
  • Getting dirty
  • Bear attack
  • Someone seeing


It’s that someone might see pretty much all the time. Right? Well, THAT’S WHY IT’S EXCITING. And they won’t. Not if you do it right.


Pick a place you know is safe. For example, know of a field with tall grass? What about a romantic apple orchard? Forgotten beach? A strategically placed sand dune perhaps?


Then make your way there. You might even do this without telling your partner. Just lead them to the spot and start putting your hands wherever it’ll take for them to know what’s going on.


Oh, and if you’re a woman reading this … wear a skirt 😉


3) Hot tub hand grab.


On those cool summer nights, hitting the hot tub with a few drinks is just what you need. But why not spice things up with a little under the bubbles action.


There are several ways you can play this, but I’ll tell you the best one.


First, go in with suits on.


Next, surprise your partner by slipping your suit off while they’re distracted or running to get you a refill and (gasp) show it to them before tossing it to the grass. PS. Sitting sex while in water works SO GOOD.


ALTERNATIVELY, if you’re with other people in the hot tub, you can do the hot tub hand grab and prep the both of you for an early “bedtime.” All those bubbles cover a lot, so no need to worry…


4) A little inspiration … point.


Sex in a car sound horrible now that you’re over 18 and have a bed? It’s actually not … Just like #2, having sex in your car is a little RISKY, and that’s what makes it so crazy sexy and hot.


Whether it’s inspiration point or the furthest away parking spot in your complex parking lot, go ahead! Get to it in the front (or back depending on which moves you’re goin’ for) seat.


5) Pick a game any game, but NOT all the ones you already know.


Sex games are a dime a dozen. Most of them have you tossing some dice or tying each other up with ties or scarves.


That’s boring, and you’ve been there, done that.


But the truth is, the people who have been peddling these games for years are just not trying. Lovemaking is an art form, and if you want to have an insanely hot relationship, you need to put in the effort for an insanely hot relationship … or you need to find someone else who can put in that effort for you.


Ahem, I’m talking about the THINKING OF GAMES part, NOT the actual act.


That’s all you two.


Fortunately, I have just the man to help you own in the amazing summer games department. All of these games are NEW and DIFFERENT from those you’ve seen before, and I guarantee they will immediately spice up your love life in ways you never thought possible.


But if you want them, you’ve got to get the book. Because this book is the only place they’re hidden. Not online in some dark corner of the internet where someone has copied them. Not in a video or a program.


It’s one, single book, 100 Sex Games for Couples.


I have personally seen relationships go from drab to can’t-stop-touching-each-other with this book alone. The crazy thing is, it’s just a list of games, but wow, does it work.


Michael Webb is the genius sexpert who came up with the games. He’s a relationship expert who has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, Cosmo and many other huge publications, all of which want him to share his expertise on spicing up the sex lives of their readers.


So why not you? With summer upon us, things are getting hot out there … why not let them get hot between you two as well?