5 Personal Traits That Will Impress Him And Capture His Heart


Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever


2.  Find your voice and use it.

No man of any value wants a “yes-girl”.  When he asks where you want to go on your dinner date, tell him.  If he asks your opinion on his impending career change, tell him your honest thoughts.  You do have preferences and an opinion, don’t you?  Make those things known.  Men love women who are strong and self confident. He wants you to share your own opinion, one that isn’t colored by his.  The key is to be yourself and embrace that woman. Don’t change to please a man because if you do the relationship will be short-lived and you’ll end up unhappy and alone.


3. Embrace your independence.

I’m sure you’ve heard that strong men like an independent woman, and that is actually very true.  I know that a lot of you ladies reading this right now are shaking your heads thinking that you are independent and that only seems to threaten men and push them away more.

David Medez of The Bottom Line addresses this very issue by stating that, “Based on my experiences, women tend to think that men are intimidated by someone who is non-submissive, straightforward and fits various other adjectives that are not compatible with traditional gender roles. While some men can be off put by the overly aggressive type, women should be not afraid to assert their independence.”

The bottom line is this: independence in a woman is attractive to a man who values a woman for who she is, and not just for what she can provide for him.  It is true that some men will just want you to agree with their opinions and viewpoints, but ask yourself why that is.  Is this not the man who is actually threatened and lacks self-esteem?  A man who wants their relationship to be a true partnership, wants and needs an actual partner, so be one.  This doesn’t mean agreeing with everything he says.  It means contributing to a healthy relationship and future by bouncing ideas off of one another and communicating individual dreams, plans, desires, and opinions in order to merge them into the life that you two can and will make together.


4. Your confidence is an aphrodisiac.

We’ve all been there – finding ourselves totally captivated by someone who wasn’t necessarily the best looking man we’ve ever seen but our attraction meter went into overdrive anyway.  It’s usually because this type of man exudes an incredible amount of confidence without being cocky.  Women like a man who knows who he is.  Men feel exactly the same way about women.   No man wants to constantly be inundated by your insecurities.  It’s okay to express to your partner what those insecurities are.  That is part of a loving, supportive relationship.  However, talking about how fat and ugly you feel every day will likely turn anyone off, not just the man at your side.  He has chosen you.  He knows all about those things that you hate about yourself and he still chose you.  Think about that.  There’s a very good chance (like, a 100% chance) that you are being way too hard on yourself.  Try to let the negativity go and appreciate and love yourself.  He will love and appreciate you for that.




  1. Hi.. My name is lani & im reading on your article & I am really enjoying it & getting good insight from it, my only one thing is that it cuts off along the way on tje 3rd page I would love to get more info. On this let me know how I can get the rest of this article thank you so kindly..

  2. I am a 50yr old recent widow. My husband & I where together 30 yrs. when he passed in late February 2014. I felt so very very depressed. I didn’t even think I could make it but I have & I will continue to. Even tho we were together for over 1/2 of my life I am getting so lonely. I know nothing about dating & romancing really. Reading the articles posted here r helping me remember how it feels to be close to someone. Reminding me that I’ve been out of the game to long. Lol! Thanks for all the helpful stuff that is posted. This old dog is ready to get off the porch!!!

  3. I love that first one. Very well said! If you’ll act as someone else, the guy will surely notice that. Remember that you want to impress him. I don’t think that you want to impress a stupid guy. So he’s probably smart, right?