5 Secrets Fun Couples Know that You Don’t

5 Secrets Fun Couples Know that You Don’t

By: Rick Wall

beautiful couple having fun and walking at the big city

You have more than likely seen those couples who seem like their life together is just one huge fun event. While these types of couples paint a vivid portrait of what being with a life partner can be like, the chance is that your relationship may fall somewhat short of that fun couple that you know; however, there are some secrets that most fun couples are aware of that you are not. While the information revealed in these five secrets is immensely profound, it is far from rocket science.

If you think back to the early stages of your relationship, it is likely that there were many fun moments, but time, responsibilities and distractions can get in the way of maintaining the intimacy that is so important in generating those enjoyable moments.  

  1. Include Your Partner in Your Passions

No one will like or be passionate about everything that their partner likes. That would be nice, but that is simply not realistic. What generally happens is both people in the relationship tend to satisfy their proclivity to go solo when it comes to passions that their partner is not naturally drawn to. Instead, you should make an effort to invite your partner to participate in some of the things you love to do that they may not be as excited about. The sense of inclusion is powerful in creating a mutual feeling of togetherness. Usually, if you are having fun, your partner will find themselves having fun as well.  

  1. Break Free of the Routine

It can be easy for couples to fall into the rut of living life in a predictable routine. Predictability may be great for developing a sense of security, but it lacks the spontaneity that is essential to keeping the fire of fun ablaze. Take the time to get out and try new things together. Every month the two of you can alternate choosing something new to do that neither of you have tried before.  

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get stumped for really great date ideas that go beyond routine dates. To help with that, I always refer to Michael Webb’s “300 Creative Dates”. Check it out if you really want to break free of the typical dinner/movie dates and have some fun.

  1. Show Interest in Things that Your Partner is Passionate About

There are very few things that are as invigorating as seeing the person you love stepping out of their comfort zone to engage something that you are passionate about. If you want to see your partner get excited about sharing time with you, take the time to meet them on their playground for a change. While it may be a little uncomfortable, the awkwardness will fade quickly as it is replaced by the fun of doing something new with your best friend.  

  1. Integrate a Little Friendly Competition into the Relationship

This does not have to be something physical, it can be something like an ongoing chess match that is played once a month for an hour or two. It may take a year to complete the game, but that is the fun of it. It is not rushed, and each encounter will be different.  

  1. Incorporate a Group Night into Your Relationship

While one-on-one time is essential to the bonding and growth processes in a relationship, engaging in group activities creates an environment in which there is less pressure to produce fun moments. Fun is often more organic among other people who are fun.

Make sure not to create moments in which interactivity is forced; that tends to cause more harm than good. Let things flow naturally after the stage has been set. Be deliberate, but relaxed.