5 Succulent Ways to Get You BOTH Bedroom Ready

5 Succulent Ways to Get You BOTH Bedroom Ready

by Rick Wall


5 Succelent Ways To Get You Both Bedroom Ready


For the majority of men and women, foreplay is essential to increasing the pleasure of physical intimacy. For women, it is vital in enhancing arousal before experiencing any type of penetration. Truth is, when both men and women experience sufficient, succulent foreplay, they simply can’t get enough.

With this in mind, following are five awesome tips that will help extend foreplay each and every time you make love — making the entire experience more enjoyable.


Foreplay Initializing in the Mind

The most sensational aspect of foreplay is actually the mental tension and anticipation that builds as you progress towards the climactic moment.

Allow that erotic tension to build for the entire day.

Entertain colorful thoughts of what will transpire later that evening, allowing the moment to play out in your mind over and over.
Be sure to allow your mind to create explicit details during your fantasy. The more detailed your fantasy, the greater the tension, and these insatiable thoughts will ensure that you are immensely aroused the moment that you see your lover.
Mental foreplay not only intensifies the physical arousal, but it allows you to determine exactly what it is you are craving from your lover in the particular experience. Is this a night that you are desiring the tender caress of your lover, or is this a night in which you want it rough and unbridled?
This way, your erotic imagination will set the stage and write the plot. You and your lover simply have to perform the play.

Allow a Short Massage to Set the Mood

After a difficult day at the office, it can be a challenging process to switch gears; however, a bath in candlelight followed by a short sensual massage is just what you need to put you in the mood.
Massages are designed to relieve stress, and when you couple that with the mental, sensual tension that you have built up during the day, you should easily find yourself in the ideal mood to experience uninhibited erotic passion.
Even though the massage is short, make it a quality massage, not some amateur back rub. Allow every movement of your lover’s hand to speak to your body and then return the favor. As your lover caresses you with a confident touch it will awaken the yearning within you that has been stirring all day.

Take Control in The Bedroom

If your lover has a tendency to rush things, take the lead and slow things down to a pace that you are comfortable with.
Have your lover relax on the bed, and tell them they don’t have to do any but lie there. Take your time lavishing their body with your touch and kisses. If your lover tries to become too involved by touching you, gently take their hand and place it back at their side.
Try getting your lover to lie face down, and then slowly nibble and kiss them on the back of their shoulders and neck. Allow them to feel the pressure of your body moving closer to theirs as your weight pins them to the mattress. Continue to allow the anticipation of your lover to build, and make sure that they do not touch you until their need to do so is so urgent that they can no longer restrain themselves.

Be Vocal and Tell Them What You Want

As a general rule, most lovers are more than willing to meet the needs and desire of their mate in the bedroom, but most of the time they function on what they think their mate wants. This is why being vocal and clear about what you want is so important.
As the foreplay builds, be very specific about what you expect from them.
Take the time to be very clear about what your body is craving from them, and make sure that you tell them exactly how you want it.
Is it his gentle touch that you are craving? Do you crave her sensual kiss? Maybe you are in the mood for a spanking in order to heat things up before taking it to the next level.
Be clear about what you want; don’t assume that he knows.

Tease Him Before you Please Him

There is no rule that states that foreplay has to end after your arousal has reached its peak. You can keep it going by teasing your lover, causing their desire to climb to an entirely different level.
The reason most men rush to the intercourse phase is that they don’t trust their ability to remain “at attention” and sustain the existing pleasure. With men, giving him some amazing stimulation with your hand is a remarkably delicious way to learn how to maintain their arousal without climaxing.
This means that you will have to work on developing some exceptional hand techniques, so that you will be able to bring him right to the edge of ecstasy and “The Big O”. Once you get him there, keep him there for as long as you can. This will prolong his arousal period and train him how to remain hard for longer periods.
If you follow these steps, you will be able to make foreplay the hottest aspect of love making, especially as you enhance your skills for keeping one another in high states of arousal for prolonged periods. There is no need to rush towards the finish line, when the race is so sweet.


If you really want to have mind-blowing intimacy that will leave you BOTH constantly fantasizing about the next time you can be together, it’s time to take the next step!


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