5 Unexpectedly Sexy Phrases That Will Make Him Instantly Worship You

5 Sexy Phrases He’ll Love

By: Faye Roberts



They often say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but think again. What you say and how you say it makes the difference between a guy blowing you off as just another gal and him not being able to stop thinking about you for days.


So what’s a girl gotta say to snag the man she’s into?


The following seductive and flirty phrases will not only capture his attention, but they’ll also leave him thinking about you long after you’re out of his sight.


* A note on how to deliver these lines:


If you know a guy you’re into but neither of you has made a move yet, try filtering the following phrases into conversation.


The key is to look him directly and sincerely in the eyes as you say them, give a sexy smile after, then wait a beat before immediately walking away or changing the subject to something mundane.


This leaves him wondering, guessing and seriously intrigued …


5 Sexy Phrases He’ll Love


  1. “Ugh, there are certain things you do that drive me crazy … but I can’t tell you …”


The fact that you’re not telling him specifics will make him loco. He’ll be wondering exactly what it is that “makes you crazy,” but don’t tell. He’ll be left guessing all day and night until he needs to see you again.


  1. “I’ve been thinking about you all day …”


Guys get turned on thinking about you thinking about them. By telling him that he’s in your head even when he’s not around, he’ll immediately be drawn to you. He’ll wonder what you’ve been thinking and exactly how much. But remember, never divulge this information to keep him guessing.


  1. “Can you help me with … ?”


Guys love to be of service to women. If you’re not so tech savvy or need a little extra muscle lifting a piece of furniture, ask a guy, and he’ll dig you for it. In fact, he’ll probably be back asking you if you need more “help” pretty soon …


  1. “I feel safe with you.”


Guys like to know they’re taking care of women. It brings out their inner protector instincts–those instilled in men from long ago. This phrase is great to say if you find yourself on the street with him at night or entering a crowded bar together. Even if you’re not romantically involved, get close to him and tell him you feel safe with him.


  1. “Are you okay?”


It seems so simple, but just as men like taking care of women, they also like to be taken care of sometimes. This question is perfect if let’s say you see the guy you’re into accidentally get a minor cut or injury. Most people would think nothing of it, but if you take the time to ask him if he’s okay, he’ll be touched.


Many women fear this nicety is too sappy or intrusive. But wouldn’t you ask a girlfriend or a child if they were okay when they got a little cut? Do this same kindness to a guy, and he’ll love you for it.


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