6 Ways That Guys Love for You to Initiate Sex

6 Ways That Guys Love for You to Initiate Sex

What does he really want in the bedroom?

Oh … lots of things.

  • More lingerie
  • More oral
  • More moans and sighs of ecstasy because he’s doing so amazing at pleasuring you

The list goes on.

Yet there’s one thing that men consistently ask for more of … and it’s something that women might not know about. And might not do too often.

Not because they don’t want to … or because they can’t … or even because they think they shouldn’t. But just because … well, usually they don’t have to do it.

We’re talking about initiating sex.

Get it now? “Don’t usually have to”?

Yeah. At any mention of nooky, boobs, the bedroom, bras, kissing, touching, etc., it seems like your man is always right there *snap* and ready to go to town on you.

And why shouldn’t he be!?

You’re hot.

But … What if you turned the tables? And surprised him with a little hands-down-the-pants at the dinner table or a sexy text message when you know very well he’s at work and won’t be home for hours. Hmm?

Well, we’ve asked and polled and checked with the male population … And they vote an astounding YES to all of the following suggestions. In fact, the following is a list of the TOP ways that men would love for you to initiate sex with them …


  1. Walk into the kitchen with nothing on but a sexy apron.


There are some adorable aprons out there that honestly look great on every figure. Find one with a short skirt and cinched waist (ties in the back) and a small square front. It’s basically like an awesome, looser version of your favorite bathing suit.

The square front will just barely cover your chest, and your bum will … well, when you bend down to check your roast in the oven, he’ll see the whole dang thing. And he’ll love it.


  1. Slip him a love note when you’re both at home.


Remember love notes from high school and how excited you were to get one from your crush or boyfriend? Well, do it again! But you be the one to slip the note to him.

When you’re feeling frisky at home, write something sexy but succinct, like:

“Meet me upstairs in 5? Got something to show you … 😉 Xo”


Then slip it to him and immediately go to the bedroom. Just better book it fast, because he’ll be right on your tail.


  1. Send an unexpected sext his way today.


This one is a must-do for couples. The work day drones on for every guy, but receiving a sexy text can make a boring work day go from meh to amazing.

To learn what exactly to say in your text, read to the end!


  1. Get in bed … with nothing on.


This one’s great if you’re a bit shy about coming on to him. It’s a good “starter initiation”, and with it you’ll see just how much he loves when you initiate sex.

It’s also excellent if you want sex, you want your man satisfied, but maybe you’re not really prepared to go prancing around in lingerie. Not every night is lingerie night, are we right?

So, all ya gotta do? Get in bed a few minutes (or whenever) before he does and … be naked. You don’t even have to say anything. As soon as he leans over to kiss you goodnight or put his arm around you to spoon you … he’ll get the message.


  1. Hop on Top


You’re at home and feeling like getting frisky with your man. Ok, move purposefully without hesitation (imagine you’re a sexy, powerful actress in a movie) but also keep it graceful (light, slow movements) and sit on his lap.

You might have to (again, purposefully yet gracefully) move his: Hands, work, phone, tablet, remote, cup of coffee, beer, etc. Get that out of the way and straddle him. Then say “hi” and smile and start to kiss him. The rest is history.


  1. Mail him an “invitation.”


Ok this one’s like the love note, but way more thought out, and not only will he be raring to go as soon as he reads …


What: Sex

When: Right now.

Where: Right here.

Why: Because I love you (and you’re super hot).


he’ll also think you’re amazing for thinking and planning that far ahead.


But What if You Feel … “Awkward”?


Okay listen, we get it. Not every woman feels like Sharon Stone or Catherine Zeta Jones when she’s trying to flirt or act sexy. For many women, we feel like fakes and frauds (even though we shouldn’t!).

So, to help you feel more fit to the role and comfortable as you woo your hunk of a man, we always recommend a fantastic program called Language of Desire.


This is an entire system of courses written by a woman named Felicity Keith, relationship expert extraordinaire. Felicity takes you through the art of flirtation and seduction both in the bedroom and out.

Learn tips on sexting, living out his fantasies (and yours), and making him completely forget that porn even exists … The things you need to do to follow the program are simple, yet life-changing for you and your partner’s sex lives.

You can try the program by going here, and don’t forget: When it comes to initiating sex, try the techniques above! He’ll fall even more in love with you than he already is—guaranteed.


  1. my boyfriend and I have not yet meet in real but we can’t wait our fantasies to make it real. He loves it every time I am teasing him with my sexy messages and sometimes with my sexy pose photos while he is in his office and sometimes when he got a chance, he is repying me back with his erected manhood in their office washroom lol! Not only it makes them excited and smile, it also makes them to take a break from stress and boredom if they are and make them rush to be online or rush to your home. So don’t be shy, they really love it!