8 Things Women Want In A Man (Because We’re Just Not As Complicated As You Think)

8 Things Women Want in a Man




(Said in a sarcastic, what-can-ya-do-about-em? tone.)


How many times have men said that? And why?


Well, because women are so complicated, that’s why.


… er, aren’t they?


Truth is: Women aren’t actually as complicated as men always think. Yep, you read that right.


That’s because when it comes to important matters, like what we’re looking for in a man … we know exactly what we want.


The 8 Traits Every Woman Wants in a Man


  1. Capability


A man who can take care of himself? Now that’s something to desire. Don’t get us wrong, though: We want to take care of you sometimes. It makes us feel motherly and nurturing. But in general, we love a man who can have his house in order on his own.


This means a lot of different things. For one: Have a job. You don’t have to be the head of a multi-million-dollar corporation, but it certainly would be nice if you had a regular income and were proud of your work.


In addition, be in charge of your finances. Pay your rent and your bills on time. Have your own form of transportation. Don’t leach off of friends or family members, and certainly don’t leech off of us.


Finally, take care of your appearance and your surroundings. We’ll talk about this more in #8, but in general, we just want you to shower daily, look presentable and not be a complete slob in your home.


  1. Intelligence


When some people think of the word “intelligence,” they think of geeks or nerds who know a lot about math and computers. And of course, while these traits are certainly nothing to snub our noses at, we’re talking about more than just school smarts when we say intelligence.


We’re talking about intelligence as in the ability to talk intelligently about topics from all arenas. For example, we’d like to be able to have discussions with you about recent news, politics or history. Know a little bit about the world. Have some unique skills and interests too.


It’s also always good to have street smarts. We like a quick and clever man. A little witty banter never hurt anyone. 


  1. Kindness


Being sweet and kind is always desired in a man. We want someone who’s going to be thoughtful enough to remember our birthdays and plan something special and unique. We want you to take care of us when we’re sick and bring us breakfast in bed sometimes just for the heck of it.


And more than just material kindness, simply being there for us when we’ve had a rough day can go a long way. In our man, we want someone we can turn to when the going gets rough, which leads us to our next favorite trait …


  1. Strength


Every woman wants a strong man. This goes for both inner and outer strength, although the latter isn’t necessarily a must all the time. You don’t have to be completely chiseled with perfect abs and huge arms to be hot to us.


The inner strength, however, is vital. We want you to be strong for us when we simply can’t be strong for ourselves. And that’s going to happen sometimes. Despite acting like we want to be capable, independent women who don’t need help from anyone, there are times when we feel it’s really nice to be taken care of. And we’ll do the same for you when you need us.


  1. Humor


A guy who never cracks a smile or makes a joke? No thanks. Everyone needs a little humor in their lives. With that being said, we’d ask that you keep the pranks to a minimum with us. Save that for your buddies because we’re talking more about light-hearted humor here. Make us laugh and we’ll love you forever.


  1. Commitment and Reliability


We want to believe in you. We really do. But if we’ve been burned by men who didn’t want to commit in the past, this is going to be hard for us. That’s why really showing us that you can be committed to our relationship and reliable about your promises is so very important.  


  1. Respect


Remember up there when we mentioned wanting to be taken care of? We believe firmly that a woman deserves both to be taken care of and to be respected. Please don’t assume it’s only one or the other.


Just because we sometimes want to run into your arms and cry, that does not mean that we want you to solve all of our problems for us because we can’t do it ourselves. Instead, it means that we want you to be there for us at that very moment. So be there, and be our cheerleader so that we can then go on to recover and do even better.


  1. Attractiveness


Finally, yes, attractiveness is on this list. A nice looking man is … just that: Nice. In general, tall is always good. A solid build and nice hair doesn’t hurt either. And always smile.


With that being said, this one is last for a reason. Attractiveness is just icing on the cake, but it’s really not a necessity that you have to have in order for us to be into you and down the line, fall in love with you. After all, beauty (and handsomeness) is in the eye of the beholder. And true attractiveness starts on the inside. So if you nail the other seven, you automatically have this one down pat as well. Good job.