9 Ways To Be AWESOME In Bed

9 Ways To Be AWESOME In Bed

by Rick Wall

9 ways to be awesome in bed

It can be somewhat of a touchy subject, but this is definitely a subject worth addressing. How you and your mate perform in the bedroom is going to have a remarkable impact on your relationship, one way or the other.

Finding ways to raise the level of your performance in the bedroom will definitely increase the excitement in other areas of your relationship. The truth is that there are some simple steps that you can take that will definitely make you more awesome in the bedroom.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go!

Avoid Being Judgemental

Being judgemental or critical of your partner’s desires or suggestions may serve to make them clam up and become cold. This is definitely not what you are looking for in the bedroom.

It is important to understand that you and your partner are different, and it is only normal that their desires and ideas for what takes place in the bedroom may differ somewhat from yours. Be willing to be open to what they want without compromising your own limits (more on limits below).

Be Adaptable

It is often stated that variety is the spice of life, and the same applies to your sex life. Doing the same thing over and over will drain the excitement and fire out of your lovemaking. Be willing to adapt to new positions, places, times and tones. If you are naturally aggressive, be willing to take it slow and gentle sometimes, and vice versa.

Make Your Partner’s Needs an Equal Priority

One thing that can totally destroy your bedroom magic is selfishness. Make sure that you give a high level of priority to meeting your partner’s needs. There are very few things that will excite your partner more than the knowledge that you are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that they are satisfied.

Be Open to Pushing Your Boundaries

You will be surprised by what you will find just outside the limits of your current boundaries. Be willing to explore the unknown levels of ecstasy that sit right outside of your boundaries. Live to explore and your sex life will never become boring.

Lock Your Insecurities Up in a Drawer

The bedroom is not a place to undress your insecurity about yourself. It is a place of acceptance, and attempting to cover or protect those insecurities that you have will constrict your engagement, and rob you and your partner of the complete impact of what should be an awesome experience. Simply let go.   You’ll both be happy you did!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Loud

Don’t suppress the ecstasy that you are experiencing with your partner. Don’t be afraid to be loud. It is a turn on, and it tells your partner that you are not only enjoying it, but you have opened up to them completely.

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity can be extremely sexy. Not every moment of your sex life needs to be scheduled or planned. Sometimes you simply need to allow your instincts and urges to take over. When you feel it, act on it. That will take the fire that is produced in your sex life to an entirely different level.

Bring Your Sense of Humor with You

Sex is to be enjoyed, so every moment is not about being serious. In fact, it is about letting go and enjoying the moment. It is about being able to play and entertain one another. Being able to laugh and create laughter in the bedroom brings a completely new element to your sex life.

Build Bonds Outside of the Bedroom

Don’t designate your bedroom as your sex haven. Although you definitely want to associate sex with your bedroom, you don’t want to develop a mindset that the bedroom is the only place to intimately engage your partner. Take the time to build emotional and physical bonds in other areas of the home and in other places outside of the house.

These simple steps have the ability to take your sex life to an entirely different level. Now go get your sexy on!

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