9 Ways to Ignite Mind-blowing Passion

9 Ways to Ignite Mind-blowing Passion

by Mike Cardin

9 Ways to Ignite Mind-blowing Passion


It is no secret that building a long-term relationship requires consistent hard work. One area that suffers significantly when there is not enough effort invested in it is passion.

Passion is the driving force in the relationship — the passion to give, to love, to please and more — and it is vital to a healthy and thriving relationship. The good news is that there are a number of steps that you can follow that will help you ignite mind-blowing passion in your relationship.

Following are nine ways that have been proven to send your passion levels off of the scale.


1. Try and Experience New Things Together

Sharing new activities is a part of the bonding process, and it is also a part of building that uniqueness that is distinctively yours and your partner’s. This process will allow the two of you to explore the depths of one another’s hearts and souls. It will also allow you to develop something that is uniquely yours — enhancing the intensity of your passion.


2. Refrain from Cute Pet Names

Although it is quite common, it is best to avoid using pet names that place one another in a position or light of being childlike. Your words are powerful, and the names that you give others are also immensely powerful. Leave the cute and fluffy names for your pets and children. Instead, refer to your partner in a manner that is reflective of how attractive and sexy they are to you. There are few things that have the power of affirmation, and an affirmation that says, “You are so sexy to me,” simply elevates the level of passion to new heights.


3. Mouth Kisses are Extremely Important

There should be a concerted effort between the two of you to kiss each other on the mouth regularly. You would be surprised how often this is neglected. Kissing someone in the mouth is one of the most intimate gestures there is. It screams “I love you, you drive me crazy.”


4. Meet for Dates

Instead of leaving the house together for your dinner date or movie night, make plans to meet each other at the desired location. The key is to not allow repetition to create boredom. This has a way of creating remarkable and exciting anticipation.


5. Find Ways to Enjoy the Intimacy in the Bedroom