A Good Man

A good man is a woman’s best friend.


A good man is a woman's best friend.

He will never stand her up and never let her down.

He will reassure her when she feels insecure and comfort her after a bad day.

He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do; to live without fear and regret.

He will enable her to express her deepest emotions and give in to her most intimate desires.

He will make sure she always feels as though she’s the most beautiful woman in the room and will enable her to be the most confident. sexy, seductive, and invincible person alive…


    1. I did once, but was too immature to realize what I had in front of me. I chose the bad boy over the nice guy. I’ve been waiting 20 years so far for another nice guy to come along.

    2. I married him a year and a half ago. He was the different one from all the others. No instant spark but he impressed me in a million little ways that made me fall in love with him. He’s kind and generous and caring and the kind of man I still try to deserve every day. I found mine. They are out there. Sometimes not always in the package you expect.

    3. I did, but lost him, because I didn’t realize how wonderful he truly was and I thought that I could get him back… too much damage done! Advice- if you ever find this man… Never, ever let him go, even for a second. Because you never know if you’ll get a second chance. Hold on tight and never let go!!!! My heart will be forever broken!

  1. Puhleeze! I read one article here that tells us women we should already be happy without a man, secure in ourselves without outside approval. Then you post this drivel. Which is it LSI? It’s no wonder the sexes are forever misunderstanding each other if you read this sort of crap.