A Secret Way to Spark His Passion

A Secret Way to Spark His Passion

The third in an exclusive three-part series on seduction by Felicity Keith



In the first two articles of this three-part seduction series, we covered making out like teenagers and bringing back the thrill of the chase. Now I’m going to cover a secret way to spark passion in your relationship.


It has to do with brain chemistry. Specifically, dopamine.

You may have heard about dopamine, it’s the neurochemical that gets quite a bit of press. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical that gets released during certain activities. It relates to great things like love, lust, desire, sex, food. And some not so great things like drugs, gambling, and other addictions.

And it can get activated from doing the activity itself (sex, drugs, eating chocolate). It also gets released simply by seeing (or hearing) triggers because it’s about the predicted reward as much as the actual reward (more on that in a sec).

When a human falls in love, dopamine levels soar. And when you fall in love, the by-product of that can be lots of sex, which puts your dopamine levels on overdrive. But only for a period of time.

The bummer news is that after awhile, dopamine doesn’t skyrocket anymore. Part of this is because you’ve gotten used to your partner and sex may become somewhat predictable.

You can combat this natural state of affairs by incorporating the element of surprise into your sex life.

Now of course you could take that literally and jump out of a cake naked on his birthday. SURPRISE! But there are easier (and less public) ways to surprise your lover and bring passion roaring to life.


Surprise 1: The Text Thunderbolt

I hope you are already using your smartphone regularly to send sexy little messages to your lover. And if you aren’t, you can have over 200 done-for-you-texts at your fingertips in my program The Language of Desire.

Even if you already flirt via text, making a calculated tweak to your messages will send delicious shivers down his spine.

The best way to do this is to send an unabashedly explicit text when he least expects it.

In the middle of a quiet midweek afternoon, fire off a message that tells him exactly how bad you want him. Be as bold and raunchy as you dare.

A simple “I can’t stop thinking about…” followed by a message like “you naked” or “the way you satisfied me last night” or “how bad I want you right now” are ways to get started.


Surprise 2: Unpredictable Place

Change up the scenery unexpectedly for a swift jolt of dopamine.

Most couples end up making love in bed. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that (it is comfy and convenient). But a simple decision to get busy in a different place can provide a flood of the feel-good chemical.

I think the more unexpected the better. So consider rooms like the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. You can also get it on outdoors, in your parked car, or schedule a tryst at a local hotel.

Make a point to regularly switch it up for a quick dose of dopamine!


Surprise 3: Attack of the Sex Kitten

Another easy way to surprise him is to play the role of aggressor. This is particularly effective if your man is the one who usually initiates the nookie.

Some easy ideas…

When he’s in the shower, undress and hop in for a quickie. When he arrives home from work, greet him at the door in lingerie. If you are watching a movie on the couch, straddle him and pounce.

By proactively being the aggressor once in awhile, you not only send his dopamine levels sky high, you also satisfy his inner rockstar sex god.


Ready for advanced techniques?

You can become a master of whipping your man into a frenzy of passion by getting your hot little hands on my best-selling program The Language of Desire.

Check out this video I created that explains why Michael Fiore dubbed me the “Indiana Jones of the Male Mind”.

Warning: Men have been known to become helplessly addicted to the women who learn these techniques!


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