Are We Destined to be Just Friends?

Are We Destined to be Just Friends?

I have a question, and I would appreciate answers from men. Do you like it when a woman lets you know that she’s interested in you? How do you react when she openly flirts with you, and lets you know that she would like to get to know you better? (This assumes that both of you are single and not involved an another serious relationship.)

I ask because I’ve been throwing out friendly “hints” to someone for a couple of months and he’s really not picking up. When I see him in social gatherings, he seems interested, and we chat sometimes via e-mail and Facebook, but he hasn’t yet asked me out. I’m told I am attractive, sexy and charming, and I know I’m intelligent. I know for a fact that he isn’t gay, so what’s the problem? Is he afraid to ask me out, or do you think we’re destined to be “just friends?”


  1. Don’t write him off. Be the friend you appear to be. Put your agenda on the backburner and relax and enjoy the journey. The answer you are seeking will appear

  2. I personally prefer honesty. I enjoy suggestive flirting when I “know” where it’s going maybe just not right this minute. There’s way too much fear, social camouflage, and posturing, If you’re already friends, at some point, you can count on one of you, checking the boundaries of your relationship.

  3. Answering your questions…in my very personal point of view…
    I don’t like when a woman let me know her interest, I LOVE IT! It’s incredible nice & gentle from you. And to the second one, flirting is just the confirmation. So, in your case maybe you got a shy guy, a brokenhearted or a macho man. The third type is the worst scenario, the second one is dominated by fear and for the first one, you have to be ready with patience. As i said before, this is my very personal point of view because i’ve been there. Lucky guy! I wish i could be harrased in that way by the girl i want but…life has strange ways. Don’t give up but also don’t seem very eager you can be misunderstood. You have made the move, now is his turn…Best wishes =D

  4. Personally, I love it when a woman lets me know. Maybe it’s just because I personally like strong women. I enjoy someone who isn’t afraid to tell me what she wants, what she desires. Communication is so much better when you stop playing games and just let people know his you feel. It can save you some heartache in the long run

  5. You have answered your own question.. The hints you have been giving him surely shows you are lovely and available. He hasn’t picked up on them so it seems, yet his answer is quite clear. He is not interested. If he were he would be on to you like a bee on honey.. I would suggest you find your Bee elsewhere and let him find his honey elsewhere..

  6. Its simple; maybe he isnt interested, but it also might mean he isn’t getting it. I’ve had that happen a few times – women I thought was strictly in the friend zone suddenly made it clear they were interested.

    Sometimes you need to be obvious with us block-headed guys. I think in this day and age, it’s perfectly acceptable for the woman to ask the man out. Just make it casual and easy: “Hey, I really enjoy your company. Can we get some dinner Friday?” or something like that.

  7. He may be shy or scared or just not seeing it.
    So why waste any more time. You can tell he is a friend, why not ask him out for a coffee and see how that goes. Make it conveniently near a movie venue and go there after your coffee. What have you got to lose but wasted time waiting?

  8. Ask him out once. Straight forward…”I’d like to take you to dinner on Saturday night. Are you free?” If he says no, makes excuses, or does the same when you ask him for another night…Baby girl, he’s just not into you. Move on.

  9. I’ve been that dense guy before. Sometimes we have a hard time understanding the difference between friendly and interested. My first wife got somewhat forward after we had been hanging in the friend zone for a month or so. I was sweet on her, but too shy coming out of another relationship. She finally just said she would like to cook for me in a way that I new it was on. I countered with dinner out, and the rest is history.