Are You Ready for Commitment? Watch for These Top Relationship Signs

Ready for commitment

Are you in a close relationship? Maybe you’re excited about taking the next step. But you could be scared at the same time. You’re wondering if your partner feels the same way! What should you do? How do you even know if you might be ready for more of a commitment?

Consider these signs:

  1. Compatibility. Do you and your partner enjoy being around each other? What about similar interests? Do you feel that your partner completes you? Your compatibility can be a big sign that you’re ready for the next step.
    • If you feel that you work well together and can finish each other’s sentences, you may be ready for commitment.
    • During conversations, you feel you’re respected and your partner listens to you.
    • The relationship feels right, and you’re happy to be with the other person. In fact, you want to spend even more time with your partner.
  2. No interest to date others. Do you feel like you’re done “playing the field?” If you’re not looking for a different partner, a better match, or if you’ve lost the interest to date others, it may be a sign that your relationship is ready for the next level.
    • In a committed relationship, the desire to be exclusive is important. For commitment to work, it’s crucial that you both want to be exclusive.
  3. You feel comfortable. Strong relationships aren’t filled with anxiety, stress, or tension. If you feel comfortable around each other, you may be ready for commitment.
    • You feel like you’re able to discuss any topic.
    • You can be vulnerable with your partner without worrying about negative consequences.
  4. Comments from others. If your relationship is strong, others may recognize it.
    • Are you receiving comments from friends and family about your relationship? Are they wondering when you’ll take the next step?
    • You may want to pay attention to their advice and see if you’re ready to commit to each other.
  5. Conversations about the future. Are you having frequent conversations about the future with your partner? You may be ready to make the conversations a reality.
    • Do you discuss taking trips together as a couple?
    • Do you discuss your dreams and hopes for the future?
    • Have you talked about how many children you want to have?
    • Discussions like these can indicate that you’re ready for the next step in your relationship.
  6. Similar goals. Do you and your partner have closely related or compatible goals, like where you want to live, career plans, or how you see yourself 5 years from now? Do you share plans that will help both of you achieve success?
    • If you’re sharing goals and plans, you may be on the same page. Couples who have the same goals tend to imagine life together as a family.

Before you make a commitment, it’s important to have a discussion with your partner about what it will mean for both of you. Commitments can drastically change relationships in a short period of time. 

Do you recognize these signs in your relationship? If so, they’re a good indication that you and your partner could be ready for the next step.

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