Can a Good Girl and a Bad Boy Find Happily Ever After?

Do you have a weakness for bad boys?


How Can I Stop Falling For Bad Boys_


Have you been burned in the past by a partner who was scorching hot in more ways than one? You’re not alone! Plenty of women know the lure of the bad boy. The excitement, the charisma, the confidence. But can good girls and bad boys ever really find happily ever after or is that particular fairy-tale doomed to end in tears?


Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys


Just why do smart, intelligent, women opt for the heartbreakers? Here are some of the reasons women fall for bad boys:


  • It’s exciting. There’s no doubt about it, bad boys are exciting. From a rebellious attitude to an adventurous streak between the sheets, life with a bad boy is never dull.
  • Daddy issues. It sounds like a cliché, but there’s some real truth in it! If Daddy was a rebel, a girl could subconsciously look for a man like him. Or maybe her upbringing was strict and she figures it’s time to get a little wild.
  • It’s a confidence boost. Bad boys are usually charismatic charmers who command attention. Having them focus on you can be a real confidence booster.
  • They want to change them. Plenty of women want to tame the lion and be the one to finally get that bad boy to settle down.


Is He A Bad Boy Or A Bad For You Boy?


The trick to knowing whether a relationship with a bad boy can work is figuring out whether he’s a bad boy, or a bad for you boy. So what’s the difference?


A bad boy might know what he wants and not be afraid to take it, and get a room zinging with his live wire charisma. But none of these things make him a bad partner. A man can have all of that in spades and still be a loyal, respectful partner who will treat you well.

A bad for you boy will combine his oh-so-irresistible traits with a good dose of sneakiness, dishonesty, commitment phobia, or a tendency to put you down. These bad for you boys are bad news, causing relationship problems and misery for their partners.

When it comes to good girls and bad boys, sometimes opposites really can attract. Go into any relationship armed with discernment and the self respect to only be with a man who will treat you right, and you’ll be able to tell the sexy bad boy with a good heart from the bad apple who is rotten to the core.


Don’t Buy An Apple If You Want An Orange


You wouldn’t buy an apple from the store then get cross because it refused to turn into an orange. The same logic applies to relationships. Good girls who get together with bad boys hoping they can change them are setting themselves up for an unhappy ending. If a man isn’t going to treat you right without prompting from you, he’s definitely a bad for you boy.


But what if you’ve met a man who is stable and loyal, but still ticks a few of the bad boy boxes? That’s when you have to think carefully about what you’re getting into.


If you know he’s got an arrogant streak, is fiercely independent or can charm the birds out of the trees, be honest with yourself about how that makes you feel. If you genuinely love it, great! But if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t do it. Find someone who you are comfortable with just as they are.


So what’s the verdict? Can Cinderella hop on the back of the rebel prince’s Harley and live happily ever after? The answer is a tentative yes, if the prince is a decent, loyal, honest guy with a bad boy edge and you are both completely honest about what you bring to the relationship and what you want from it. But if you’re in any doubt about your bad boy’s true nature (or you know all about it but just don’t want to face it), get on your own horse and ride out of there, because that’s one fairy-tale that won’t have a happy ending.


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