Do THIS and He Will Say YOU are His “Best Ever”

Do THIS and He Will Say YOU are His “Best Ever”

by Felicity Keith

do this and he will say you are his best ever


Admit it, unless you’ve only ever slept with one person, you’ve mentally ranked your past lovers. It’s normal and something everyone does. Ideally, your current partner ranks at the top of your list. But have you ever wondered where you rank on his list?

What if I told you there is a way to know for sure you rank at the top…without even having to ask him (because let’s face it, talking about past lovers can be slightly awkward for everyone)…

Sure there are countless sexy tips and naughty tricks that can send him over the edge, squirming with pleasure and looking at you with eye hungry with passion (more on that in a minute). But what I have to share with you is actually much simpler.

In fact, it’s so simple you might even think “No WAY, Felicity. It can’t be that easy.”

But it is.

I promise.

The very simple thing you need to do that will make him think he’s won the big prize in the Sexual Lottery is to be enthusiastic about sex.

See? I told you it sounded impossibly easy.

Here’s the thing…it sounds deceptively easy. So easy that it can be forgotten.

Look, I know what it’s like to be busy and pulled in a million directions and have body insecurities and to mentally wander off in the middle of sex.

It makes you disconnected to the present moment. Which translates into less enthusiasm for what is happening right then and there.

And the more time you are in a monogamous relationship, the more this disconnect can happen. The thought of sex might barely get a half-hearted “Yay.” from your inner cheerleader.

When one (or both) of you aren’t feeling enthusiastic about sex, it feels like a chore. It certainly doesn’t make either partner feel desirable, sexy, or passionate. And the core of what makes one lover “better” than another is about how adored and aroused they make you feel.

Think about it…when your lover lavishes attention on you and makes you feel like the sexiest woman on the planet, it has a big influence on your arousal. And the more aroused you are, typically the better the sex becomes.

I have a two-step process that will have you both so excited you’ll be doing naked cartwheels over how amazing your sex life is.


1. Focus on the moment

Let’s take a moment and think back to that first time you slept together. The anticipation you felt in every cell of your being as his fingers made their first exploratory trips across your body. How you were focused on every sensation, eager to finally know how his body would feel.

You were laser-focused on what was happening each glorious minute, right? Getting that laser-focus is the foundation of enthusiasm.

Next time you make love, take a moment to shake off the stress of the day. Let go of everything that you are mentally juggling and only focus on your body, his body, and how it FEELS.


2. Express yourself

Now, tell your man how much you like what he’s doing. Talk dirty. Moan. Scream his name! In other words, make sure there is zero doubt in his mind exactly how great of a time you are having with him.

The neighbors might also know how great of a time you are having too 😉

Also, take charge of the action. Let him know what position you need to feel him from. Give him feedback on what you want – harder, faster, slower, deeper. And show your enthusiasm by proactively making sure he feels good. Rub, massage, or kiss him in the places he loves, too.


Ready to take the next step?

If you really want to blow his mind, and leave absolutely no doubt that YOU are the most amazing sex goddess he’ll ever have the pleasure of knowing, you need to have a toolkit brimming with sexy and naughty tricks.

And I don’t mean silly magazine fluff or cartoons of the position-of-the-month. But tricks that reach right into the heart of his sexuality. That speak directly, and specifically, to how he sees himself as a man.

If you are ready to take the next step, click here to watch this video (Warning: NOT Safe for Work!) I share my own personal story of discovery and learn why Michael Fiore calls me the “Indiana Jones of the Male Mind”.

Here is the link to that video again: Language of Desire 





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