Do This One Thing for a Sizzling HOT Valentine’s Day

Do This One Thing for a Sizzling HOT Valentine’s Day

by Felicity Keith

Do This One Thing for a Sizzling HOT Valentine's Day

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the entertainment business…throw an unexpected curveball in the script to shock and delight your audience.

It’s why we love shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad and movies like The Usual Suspects. Those cunning writers keep us on the edge of our seats because we never know what surprises are in store.

Your sex life is no different.

No matter what your personal tastes or style entail…if you approach your lover the same way, things become a tad predictable.

And while knowing your partner’s specific turn-ons is a hallmark of an expert lover, the exact path you take to get there deserves an unexpected detour now and then.


Let me tell you why…

It’s all about science and specifically, brain chemistry.

I share a lot of detail about how leveraging brain chemistry can literally make someone “addicted” to you in my program The Language of Desire, but in a nutshell here is how it works.

Our brains are constantly working to make order out of chaos and predict what will happen next. Even if we aren’t consciously trying to, our brains are busy in the background deciding what to expect.

So when something unexpected shakes things up, a chemical surge takes place. Adrenaline spikes (our fight or flight response) and our feel good hormone dopamine also gets involved.

Dopamine is the neurochemical that gives us pleasure highs in life. It’s the amazing feeling you get from passionate sex, winning the lottery, or the thrill of escaping danger.

Dopamine levels drop when any activity becomes routine. We still feel good but not quite AS good as the first time.
When you know that your lover is going to take a familiar path, even when you enjoy The Big O, it’s not quite as satisfying as when every cell in your body was on high alert not knowing where he was going to touch you next.

How do you game the brain then? You can influence dopamine surges by introducing the unexpected.

Here is the how…

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza does the opposite of everything in his life? Not the sexiest example but it’s exactly what you are going to do. Channel Costanza.

I want you to think of how you normally enjoy making love and flip the script.

Do you typically get busy on a weekend night before going to sleep? Initiate sex in the morning or enjoy some afternoon delight.

Is your lovemaking style athletic and passionate? Slow down for a languid session where every touch, nibble, and lick is savored.

Are you the type to prefer sweet romance? Change it up with a kinky exploration with a new toy or some role-playing.

Do you enjoy playing the role of seductress or master seducer? Tease your partner by embodying the very epitome of propriety and demureness.

For a special night like Valentine’s Day you can go all out with elaborate ways to treat your sweetheart to a new experience. Setting the stage with location, attire, props, even an erotic movie script…you name it!

And don’t just pull out the stops on Valentine’s Day… it’s easy to incorporate the element of surprise in a variety of ways throughout the year. Even something as simple as a different room or the type of foreplay will amp up the dopamine and keep the excitement level buzzing.

Or you can up your game and have him obsessed with you, his own personal Sex Goddess.

Ready to take it to the next level?

In The Language of Desire, not only do I teach you more sexy science (and as mentioned above, how to literally make a man addicted to you), you will learn specific techniques and creative ideas to infuse the sizzle into your sex life in ways even Hollywood can’t compete with.

Take a minute and watch this video where I tell you my painfully personal story of how I went from clueless to being called “The Indiana Jones of the Male Mind”.

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