Does Your Guy Have an Annoying Sex Habit? How to Fix It Without Him Knowing


Your man means well. He truly does.


He means well when he folds your clothes … into actually non-folded sort of half clumps, when he “cleans the bathroom” (it looks no different), and when he buys you those new “waist slimming leggings!” Thanks?


But if you’re together, you overlook that little stuff. You love him after all. You find him attractive. He’s your man, he’s sexy, he’s bang-worthy.


Maybe he’s got amazing stomach muscles or those forearms that make you swoon. Maybe he can fix anything or is a wiz on the computer. Maybe he always brings you coffee in bed in the morning or rubs your back when you’ve had a long day.


Can’t clean a bathroom?

Who cares …


Uses your antique tea cup to collect bacon fat in?

Meh, it’s cool.


Wears socks when you have sex?

No prob—wait … actually …




Sorry, girl, but you’re definitely lying if there aren’t at least a few things your man does that drive you crazy in the bedroom. Sure, many women have resigned to overlook them. The body odor emanating from his underarms as he gets on top of you … his bristly, weird smelling beard that feels like it’s leaving scratch marks on your lips and cheeks … his technique … down there …


We’re here to tell you that there’s no rule book sayin’ you just have to accept these things. You love your man just as much as the next gal, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice mind-blowing sex because he can’t use a stick of deodorant.


You can do something about these things if you want. Yes, without making him fall to pieces because you’re “so mean and naggy.” In fact, he won’t even know …


6 Problems and Fixes for Annoying Male Sex Habits


  1. The Problem: Bad Breath


Does he expect you to get enjoyment from his breath that may or may not still be from this morning? Let’s hope not.


The Fix: This one’s easy: Be his supplier. No, not drugs, mints. It’s all about the timing. Figure out when you’ll have sex, then pop him a mint beforehand (who would say no?!) and you’re all set.


Alternatively, wait to romp till after bedtime when he’s recently brushed his pearly whites.


  1. The Problem: Socks in Bed


It’s just … weird.


The Fix: Striptease is honestly the easiest way to go. You for him, and he for you. Right down to the socks. You can also play a game of strip poker and lead with the socks. Then they’re off no matter what.


If that doesn’t strike your fancy, then undress each other. Again, you start, and begin you know where … at the feet.


  1. The Problem: Soliciting You Without … Seducing You


A grunt and a nudge toward the bedroom is not seduction. It is also not seduction when he just comes out and asks you if you want to have sex. As a woman, you want to be seduced … but sometimes this is easier said than done.


The Fix: Use an off the cuff remark about a film or TV show sex scene where a gal is seduced. Media these days has sex in practically every scene, so this won’t be hard.


When you’re watching together, and you see a man seduce a woman, make an off the cuff remark. Don’t dwell on it at the moment, just say how attractive you think that is, “when a man seduces a woman like that.”


Say: “Geez, if you did that to me, I’d be begging for it all the time.” Then walk out of the room. Seed planted.


  1. The Problem: Sloppy Kisses


Kissing is inherently a little sloppy. You’re swapping spit after all. But it doesn’t have to be a spit bath. You don’t have to feel the insides of his cheeks on the insides of your cheeks to make it a passionate kiss. Right?


The Fix: Be a sexy teacher in the bedroom. Role play may not be your regular sexy style, but we highly doubt he’ll be averse to you playing sexy teacher. And furthermore, you just need to do this a few times to reinforce the message you’re trying to send.


When he starts kissing in a way that doesn’t really get your motor running, turn sexy teacher on. “Like this,” you say sexily, and show him. You can show him other stuff too if you like. The sexy teacher persona will distract him from realizing you are basically telling him what to do …


  1. The Problem: Not Being Gentle Enough


Ok, men have a lot more … ahem … surface area, so they’re basically covered no matter what kind of action is going on down there. As we well know, women need more subtle movements and gentler touches.


The Fix: Sexy teacher works here too, but you can also try self pleasuring to show him what you like. Men likewise say they love when a woman puts her hand on his to guide them. This is sexy. And no words are required.


  1. The Problem: Body Odor


Having body odor doesn’t mean you’re dirty or messy or have bad hygiene. Everybody’s different; some people sweat more. But when he’s got it and he’s rollin’ around with you, it can be hard to focus on the task at hand.


The Fix: Positive reinforcement is the name of the game. First, if he doesn’t have a sexy, man-type deodorant and/or cologne, buy it for him for his next birthday or holiday, or just get it randomly because ”you loooove the sexy scent.”


Then, just keep the ball rolling. Go extra gaga whenever he puts it on, and be over the top about it. Particularly, tell him it puts you in the mood. Pretty soon, he’ll be spraying that stuff all over him all the time.


What If He Doesn’t “Get the Picture”


These fix-its will work most of the time, but if you just can’t seem to solve what’s going on with the tactics above or if your problem is a little bit different, you might need to try the direct (but still very kind) approach.


Here, you just tell ‘em. You say something like, “Hey you know hon, I love you so much, and you are just so sexy to me. But do you know what would really take everything to the next level for me when we have sex? If you ______.”


Go on to tell him you’ve been reading something about it, or thinking it over or fantasizing or whatever you like. Just try not to make him think that you’ve been mulling over this annoying habit of his for years (even if you have).


Just be kind, reassuring, and make it sexy if possible. Hey, he might even have some suggestions for you, and if you’re as open as you’re hoping he will be, you two are on the road to a great relationship … not to mention an amazing sex life.