Escaping 50 Shades…and Blowing His Mind By Creating Your Own

Escaping 50 Shades…

and Blowing His Mind By Creating Your Own

by Felicity Keith


Escaping 50 Shades...and Blowing His Mind By Creating Your Own


It’s impossible to escape the onslaught of 50 Shades promos. They are EVERYWHERE. And while the book and movie have tongues a’waggin, I say skip the Hollywood version of naughty and create your own.

Here’s why in a nutshell: The book presents an irresponsible example of BDSM. What takes place in a few scenes isn’t sexy, it’s abusive. And while I encourage people to explore their sexuality, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this movie for what it is.
But enough attention on that tawdry swill…let’s focus on you.

You can create your own (healthy) version of 50 Shades…starring you and your leading man. Yes, YOU are going to write up your own sexy screenplay and share it with your man.


Grab a journal (digital or pen/paper) and let’s get started!
1. Set the location
Are you at his work? Trapped in an elevator? At a party? Choose a place where the action will unfold.

2. Add in the details
What time of day is it? What are you wearing? What is the mood? Paint a picture in his mind so he can mentally put himself right there with you.

3. Choose the scene
Does he seduce you? Are you the aggressor? Is it going to be teasingly slow and romantic or fast and passionate? Start with one and you can always change roles as your story builds.

4. Annnnd…ACTION!
Write out step by step what unfolds. Describe in detail the physical sensations of each delicious element of the interlude.
Use vivid adjectives and verbs in your narrative. Slide, grope, hot, slippery, juicy, throbbing, lick, quiver, nibble, stroke, caress, arousing…these are all words that powerfully evoke the imagination and make your words come to life.
Here’s a little example…
I walk into the bathroom just as you step from the shower. I can’t help but admire your muscular build and I involuntarily lick my lips.
You look up at me as you grab a towel and give me a devilish smile. I see that unmistakable look of passion in your eyes as you let the towel drop to the floor.
You grab my hips and push against me from behind. Our eyes meet in the mirror…you have the look you get when you are hungry for my body. I shiver at the thought of what will happen next…
Before my naughty mind can even start to wander, your hands are on the waistband of my pants. I quickly peel them off to give you easier access. Delicious goosebumps spring up across my skin where you are touching me.
Our eyes meet in the mirror as you trail kisses down the nape of my neck.
“What do you want me to do?” you sweetly ask as your fingers slowly travel around the front of my bare hips. I shiver in anticipation.
“Answer me. What do you want me to do?” the tone in your voice has become demanding and it sends a wave of desire over me.
“I want you to (verb) me.” is my quiet reply.
“Say it louder. What do you want me to do?”
“I want you to (verb) me. Now.” I say boldly.
Don’t worry about sounding like a cheesy romance novel. That’s kind of the point so get into it and vamp it up with your words!
5. Special delivery
Once your script is ready you are going to send it in a series of texts. Let him know he’s in for a treat to sit back and enjoy. Send your script a few lines at a time. Even tease him with a cliffhanger right before the action gets heated.
When you are done, end it with a suggestive “Hurry home!” or “Can’t wait to see you!” and a wink.

Advanced Skills
If you are ready to learn master-level skills and more bliss-inducing techniques like Verbal Viagra, The Porn Destroyer, and Erotic Telepathy take a minute to watch this video.



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  1. I never see passion or desire in my husband’s eyes…
    Sex talk seem to have no effect on him, not even telling him I’m horny or want him.. Even while wearing sexy underwear or standing completely naked in front of him… Nothing
    Any suggestions?
    No rude comments, he calls me sexy when he wants some…