Feel Like You Need To Improve Your Sex Life? Just Do THIS!

Many women of all ages, colors, and backgrounds have a problem with their sex life … but they’re often not sure exactly what it is.


Improve your sex life


For the vast majority of women, this problem presents itself in this form:


  • “Not tonight, honey, I’m tired.”
  • “Oh me? I only want sex once every few weeks.”
  • “I don’t know, I’m just not a sexual person.”


In other words, women feel like they don’t like sex.


Now, together with other women, they may chat and laugh about how they had to “fake a headache the other night because their partner wanted sex right when they had settled down to watch The Bachelor …” It’s a joke, it’s funny: Men always want sex. And women … can take it or leave it.


Inwardly, however … most of these women are wondering seriously: What is wrong with me?


Inwardly, they’re lusting to have passionate sex. They daydream about it, and they feel riddled with guilt that they can’t get the courage or the motivation to try and improve. They hate that they feel like they can’t perform for their partners.


What exactly is wrong when your sex life is in disarray? What is wrong when you feel like you don’t even like sex, yet deep down, you know you desire it?


Well, we’re here to tell you that there is only one key to unlock the great sex door for you. The door to all of the wonderful, passionate sex you could ever imagine.


Yep, you only need do one thing:


Learn how to have vaginal orgasms.


Ah! The elusive vaginal orgasm. This is something that has kept women (and men for that matter) confused for years.


First, let’s get one things straight: You can have a vaginal orgasm. If you’re thinking that you’re just one of the women who cannot have a vaginal orgasm, you are wrong. It is possible for everyone. The thing is … it’s just a little bit harder than an orgasm up top.


So! … How Do You Have Vaginal Orgasms?


Every woman is different, so everyone will indeed have a slightly varied experience when it comes to finding that hidden gem that is the vaginal orgasm. To get you started and take your O-game to the next level, here are 3 pieces of advice.


  1. Relax into it and let it go.


If you find that you tend to tense up right at the moment of clitoris orgasm, this is actually the opposite of what you’ll want to do to achieve a vaginal orgasm. Not only do you need to relax and let go with your entire body (and the specific area of your lady parts), but you’ll need to mentally relax and let go as well.


Some women have likened the feelings and sensations right before vaginally orgasming to going to the bathroom (number 1). It feels like you have to pee. And to actually have and experience the orgasm, you have to let go … you can see why this is a problem. You don’t actually want to go to the bathroom on your partner, so your mind is telling you “Stop, stop, stop, hold it in!” You need to tell yourself to let go.


  1. Don’t give up so soon.


Vaginal orgasms do not usually come from quick little sex sessions, no matter how much foreplay has been going on. As you get better at them, you may be able to experience them more quickly because your vagina will literally be stronger and you will recognize the feelings that occur leading up to the vaginal orgasm.

But all in all, you need to learn to have patience while working on this feat of sexual prowess. In fact, most women who say that they “can’t have a vaginal orgasm” only think that because they haven’t tried hard enough. They may have tried various times throughout their sexual experiences, but when you only give it a few minutes—or really even 20 or 30 minutes (that’s almost always not enough)—you are of course never going to make it work. You’ve got to put in the effort and put in the time to reap the … ahem, reward. And the reward is very good.


  1. Unlock Your O


These two tips will take you far, but if you really want to know how to get the gold at the end of the rainbow, try Unlock Your O. This is a book that tells you everything you need to know to have the best sex of your life. You don’t need to be young or in amazing, body building shape. And you don’t need to be embarrassed either. After all, great sex is for everyone!


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