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Chance are your trying to find Love, Sex, Intelligence on Facebook.

Facebook has recently taken most community page content out of your regular news feeds.  You may have noticed that most of your favorite pages have totally disappeared from your feeds.  This is because Facebook has created an entirely separate feed where you can find content from the community pages that you have “liked”.  Since most of us have no idea where to find this content, we’d love to help you find us more easily!

To find your community page feed, take a look at the graphic below and follow the instructions:


Find Love, Sex, Intelligence.



For an even better chance at seeing us more easily in your feeds, you can also add us to your interest lists and/or click on “get notifications” if you’d like to receive a notification every time we post something to the page.  To do so, follow the instructions below:


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We’d love for you to keep seeing us because we love seeing you! Thank you for your amazing support. xoxo