Forever Single? These Could Be the Reasons Why



Right now, beautiful, sexy, strong, intelligent women all over this world are single. Literally thousands of these women are waking up each morning and kicking ass at life … while at the same time completely beating themselves up about not having a partner.


  • “I’m not pretty enough.”
  • “I’m not rich enough.”
  • “I’m not funny enough.”
  • The list goes on and on.


Of course, there are several things wrong with this picture.


First of all, these are not the reasons why you’re single.


Second, being in a relationship is not the end all be all of life, and you should be able to enjoy both being with someone and being alone.


Finally, even if you’re not doing what you should be doing to find Mr. Right (and we’ll get to that), there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. Whatever age you are is the perfect age to be single, and when you meet that special someone? That will be perfect too.


Finding a partner for a long term relationship can be done by anyone. It does take work, but it should be fun! You’ve just got to get everything ready, and the rest is history. Trust the process. Let’s start with the basics.


8 Reasons You’re Probably Still Single


  1. You’re not actually trying.


Oh yeah, you definitely think you’re trying. For sure.


You go to the grocery store and look fine. A hot guy should talk to you right? You show up at the party on Saturday night. Why doesn’t the right man walk up to you and start talking? “I’m over here!” you scream in your head.


The best way to explain not actually trying syndrome is to relate it to job hunting. That is, sure you can wait around for someone to walk up to you and offer you a job … but it probably won’t happen.


  1. You “put salt on the dish before you try it.”


You’re at a club with your friends, and one of them gestures to a man at the end of the bar who’s “been eyeing you.”


Do you say “Hmm interesting, maybe I’ll head over and introduce myself!” or “Nah, gross, he’s wearing an ugly tie.”


If you would answer more likely with the latter response, you’re probably rushing your judgments, and you need to give more people a chance. A lot of great loves stem from complete opposites or at least one person finding that their perfect match is not at all their “type.”


  1. You’ve ruled out online dating because “it’s lame.”


Online dating is not lame, and you should give it a try.


  1. You’re not good at dates.


When you’re on a date, there a few rules you should try to follow.


  • Be on time and dress like you’re going to a cocktail party at your parents’ friend’s house (conservative but still fun).
  • Ask a lot of questions and then, genuinely listen to the answers.
  • Don’t brag or talk too much about yourself (if this goes somewhere, there will be time for that!).
  • Offer to pay your half, but let him pay if he makes 2 or more objections.
  • If he compliments you, say thank you.
  • (Probably don’t sleep with him on the first date.)


  1. You think he has to be perfect and you shouldn’t have to put forth an effort.


Ok, ok, don’t get upset. No. We’re not saying that you have to put false eyelashes on and be 110 lbs. with a PhD from Harvard if you want love. We’re saying: Think about it, if you want a great person with a great bod who is super nice and smart and funny, he probably wants that too! So put your best foot forward.


  1. You’re not yourself when dating.


The reason to always “be yourself” when dating is not only because when you’re yourself, you’re more relaxed and natural and attractive. It’s also because if you’re not yourself and you hit it off with a guy who you start a relationship with … you’re going have to spend your whole relationship acting like this other person! This is exhausting and will only end badly.


  1. When you meet someone who could be “The One,” you freak out and get super inpatient and clingy.


After the initial stages of meeting and exchanging numbers or going on that first date or group hang … relax into it. Let it happen! If it’s meant to be, it will be. Acting really clingy and constantly texting them or “accidentally” showing up at their place of employment is too much.


  1. You don’t understand what the unifying things are that all men want.


All men are not created equal, but! There are a few things that will Drive. Them. Wild. with desire for a female. Learning about these key aspects of a man’s psyche is confusing unless they actually come from a man.


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Knowing and learning about these special techniques is not a form of manipulation because these techniques and formulaic phrases are actually what men are dying to hear from women.


In fact, none of these tips are a form of manipulation. That’s because just as you want to end your single lifestyle, men want to end theirs. And these are the things you need to unite the two of you.


He’s out there somewhere. You’ve just got to set the scene for him to come into your life. Good luck.