He moved her chemically.

He moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met.  When a chemical reaction like this happens between two people, it is undeniable.  Is this all that is needed for a good relationship?  What are your thoughts on this quote?


He moved her chemically.
He moved her chemically.

Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized how much she wanted him.  No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done.  Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.  ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. This is one of the most interesting communications on the web… Glad to be encouraged here. Steve O’Bryan

  2. Totally met “that” two and a half years ago … Such a great beginning, all that passion and wanting each other, thousands of miles and 9 months before connecting again and it never wavered. Closer together in space and time with all the chemicals and passion, it’s possible that its not enough to sustain anything other than a great sex life.

  3. Chemical reaction….a terrific cememter;but, without common ground, affection, commitment, it will not be enough.It will seem so in the beginning;it will be so in the beginning;but it will not endure;cannot endure;it is not love, it is a chemical reaction; we all want both;in one package; but where as a strong physiacal attraction can come about with trust, caring, and commitment, love, per se, cannot come about, from chemical reaction;a chemical reaction, meets its own needs and is a means to an end; love is not nurtured; where love is present and nurtured, all is possible.may everyone have the good fortune to experience both.

    1. Love is really good when you had the doppamine chemical reaction at first. Very exciting necessary for humans to contnue populating. When this fades,and it will, as you age, the mature love of two people who have experienced many rises and falls in life is very satisfying., very rich and lasting. I wish this for my children……

    2. I totally agree; I have experienced it. I was in need for a man to hold me; touch me tenderly and all the ingredients and he was only wanted to charm me fulfill his needs. Then I found out he was charming other women also and afterwards I realised that he never wanted to chat and thus no time to get to know each other. So I dropped him, but it took quite a while to get over him; but now I am wiser.

  4. there is no denying a chemical reaction between two people. i first experienced this as a kid and never said anything to the person, and i didn’t have a clue that he felt the same thing and the same way. and almost 30 yrs later we have re-connected and the chemical reaction is still there and stronger than ever. i have to add it continues to get stronger each day and i am saying this 2 yrs into getting to know each other all over again!

  5. yes chemical reaction! i never thought it could happen but i recently met someone who totally gets me! we are so much alike that its unbelievable… but we have to keep a distance as us being together would destroy too many lives 🙁

  6. What’s even worse is when that chemical reaction is between two married (not to each other) people and the reality of knowing you cannot, and must not act on it.

  7. When I met my husband many years ago it was the same for us. I just knew the moment I met him he was the one, I guess what you call one of those love at first site things. We were married just after a week and stayed together for 23 years. It didn’t matter about anything of what or who he was, just that we needed to be together and everything would work out and would be alright as long as we had each other we could do anything. My husband has passed now over 10 years and just like the poem or quote says there is no man that even looks like or feels like my husband. No man can or will ever compare to him. They all just look like guys to me and my Man is gone but waiting for me when its my turn. Glad to see that there is somewhere on this thing that actually cares about how people feel and react to such beautiful words of a great man as Fl Scott Fitzgerald. Keep up the good work.

  8. This is unconditional love… it beats all others. It can overcome surmounting obstacles and common sense. It can give sight to the blind and take sight from the seeing..

  9. This is perfect for the relationship that I accidentally fell into back in November. We knew each other in high school, went through life (endless relationships and divorce) for thirty years before we crossed paths again. The saying, “wait for the fireworks” is true. We are so chemically bonded, and I think our misery lead us to each other. Saving the best for last……

  10. Yes I very much believe in this and I feel that regardless of where life’s path takes each of us that once we have met that person that connection remains. I say this after meeting the person who I have the chemical reaction with 10 years ago. For 8 years we were on again off again. Now we are friends but I value his friendship right up there with my childhood best friend that I am still in contact with. Him and I can share so much with each other and we both realize that even with the fact that we can’t necessarily be together, that both of us would be lost without the other. It’s a wonderful feeling indeed to have someone this special in my life. 🙂