He Will Say He’s Won the Sexual Lottery if You Know This

How you can make your man feel like he’s hit the jackpot in love.

By: Felicity Keith


jackpot in love


Admit it.

You’ve got that one lover who made you feel like you’d hit the jackpot in love.

Maybe it’s someone from your past.

Maybe it’s the man you are with now.

In any case, someone immediately popped into your brain the second you read that sentence.


How much would you love to know that if your man (past, current or future) read the same sentence above, his mouth would curl into a sly, sexy smile as visions of YOU danced through his head?

And how much would you love to know that you can achieve that very response from any man lucky enough to be with you if you understand this one thing about him.


Let me explain one of the deepest desires your man has…

It’s all about science and specifically, brain chemistry.

Men are conditioned and hard-wired to be the dashing hero.

Think about it.

How many love stories include a Hero Moment where the man swoops in to save the day. Pretty much all of them right?

This is a fantasy that is deeply embedded in his psyche.

And a standard he’s been told to live up to since he was a little boy.

Yet, in our day to day lives, men rarely get the opportunity to truly feel heroic. He was raised being told his value lies in being the Hero.

Yet the sad reality is he deals with messages of his shortcomings all the time.

  • He forgot to be romantic.
  • Finances are tight despite his efforts at work.
  • He didn’t do that chore right and now you have to “fix” it.

Now I’m not saying you have to sugarcoat things when he lets you down or never express an iota of disappointment.

What I am saying is that if you make a concerted effort to counteract those negative messages with ego-building Hero Moments, your man will begin to feel deeply connected to you.

So connected (and finally understood) that no other woman comes close to comparison. Because when you make him like a hero, his brain gets flooded with a potent cocktail of feel-good chemicals.


How do you make him feel like a hero?

Interestingly, there are a few surefire ways to sneak past his defenses and make him beam like the hero he has always wanted to be.


 Take time to reinforce that you respect and admire him

Did you know that men actually crave respect more than they crave love? It’s true. Taking time on a regular basis to reinforce how much you respect him is the number one path to the Hero trigger.

You don’t have to do this in an insincere way, and definitely no fake compliments (because those don’t work).

List out the ways you respect your guy and the things about him you admire.

  • Does he work hard to provide for your family?
  • Has he done a great job fixing something at home?
  • Is he a great father who spends quality time with his kids?
  • Has he devoted time to volunteer in the community?


Write down at least three or four things you really respect about him.


Make him feel desired (even objectified).

Not just agreeing to sex when he suggests it but showing enthusiasm (even being proactive) toward intimacy.

What are the physical traits about him that make you drool? How does he satisfy you in bed? Write them down. Then tell him directly and clearly what they are.

Let him know with wild abandon just how tremendously satisfied he makes you! It’s a real ego boost for him to know how turned on he makes you.


Let him know he is the one who makes you feel safe…AND that he is the man who drives you wild.

Did you know there is a certain part of his brain that is activated by those specific messages? When he feels like he’s your protector AND the man who turns you on, that one-two punch of potent brain chemistry is unleashed.

And he’s essentially powerless against immediately feeling like YOU are his absolute jackpot personified.

And here’s a little known secret…when you do these things and make him feel respected, admired, and MANLY? He becomes inspired to treat YOU like his QUEEN.


You can be the woman he’s obsessed with…and wouldn’t DREAM of disappointing.

If you want to further understand the secrets to his male brain and sex drive…and myriad ways to make him bursting with desire for YOU (and only you)…you need to watch this video now.


Learn the inner workings to his brain…and how to make any man think he’s hit the jackpot because he’s with you.


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