I fell head over heels.

Lip Service Question

Got a situation with a girl who I fell head over heels for, put up with her messing around with someone else then realised that I was what she wanted.  Now she is not ready for a relationship as she has issues she has to sort out,  wants to spend time with the kids and get her head sorted.  But, she doesn’t want to lose the close friendship we have as she feels we are destined to be together.  I am her soul mate, but not just yet.
SO what do i do?  Sit and wait, grin and bear? Or just cut of the emotion and make a judgement call.  Because the way I feel, I can’t do any more heartache with her…or am I kidding myself?  ~ Anonymous


  1. Bounce, but stay close, if you don’t you will become the b**ch in the relationship!!! When she is ready she will come and get you until then get your d**k wet and be happy!!!

  2. In a way I am in your same position. In love with a man who I know is my soulmate, and I am his, and yet he can’t turn loose of the past and move forward. Has issues with his sexuality, yet is in love with me. He doesn’t want me to go though, doesn’t want our friendship to change. I have been just grinning and baring it for several years now, but I want and need more. Believe in yourself, and move on. Don’t let her hold you back, but move forward. If it is meant to be, it will be.

  3. Honestly? Walk away. You’re her soul mate, but just not yet? Uh… no, that’s not how it works. She may like you and want to keep you around as a possible option, but clearly she’s not feeling the same way you are and if you don’t leave you’re going to get run over by that train that’s barreling down on you!

  4. Walk away! They say if you love someone that much you’d do anything to make them happy, then let them go.

  5. don’t walk away, run. Start healing and the universe will place your REAL soulmate in front of you.

  6. tell her thats great, to get herself sorted, and to call you when shes ready, but just as life has no guarantees, nor do you come with any…..its very unfair the limits that shes placed…. and if you arent around waiting, and at her beck n call…if you arent around like SHE wants then she will work out quickly where & whom she wishes to be with…..

    1. I agree with Catia. I’ve been in your situation in relationships and I’ve been in hers. Give her all the time and space she needs, but go on about your own life. Spend time with your own friends. Don’t go out hunting another love, but don’t pass one by if it comes into your life. Don’t be available every time she calls, but be kind when you do talk to her. If it’s meant to be, the two of you will work it out.

  7. People can think, wish and promise whatever they want, but actions mean something to me. From what had been described, it does not appear her words match her actions and the best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. My guess is as long as you keep being there for her when she has not been there for you, that pattern will continue.

  8. be grateful for the experience of meeting a woman who sounds fascinating….but for the sake of your heart….let her go. Otherwise, i think you are in for a world of hurt.

  9. I AM this girl in a similar situation… Honestly… I only like him as a friend. He is wonderful but not for me. I would respect him more if he did walk away and miss him as the one who got away.

  10. Nothing ventured nothing gained..You hold the cards the truth is there.
    I never lie to men, women cheat better, keep a man on a line better.
    She is not lying…. But You are more vested Than she is. You’ll Hurt way more & put up with more longer than she ever will for you.

    Mote Be!

  11. Walk away. I did in a similar situation. When I left she realised how much she wanted me and came running. If you stay, it won’t get better, if you leave she may realise what she lost or you may find your true soul mate