How To Know If A Man Really Loves You

How To Know If A Man Really Loves You

Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all their being. ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Love.  Is there a more basic yet complex emotion in the lives of human beings? It can change our very existence, make our lives worth living, send us into the depths of sorrow, and everything in between. Perhaps it is so complex because love means different things to different people, which can leave us perplexed as to whether the feelings of the people we love are mutual. Or maybe, we just don’t have the tools to understand how others love us.

how to know if a man really loves you

So, how do you know if your man really loves you?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell, especially if you don’t know what signs to look for. His behavior may be confusing to you but bear in mind that he may also be confused about his emotions, or he may know exactly how he feels but his feelings may not be coming through clearly to you if you and your partner show love a little (or a lot) differently.   He also just may not feel the same way you do.  But how can you really know?

Yesterday, I was watching a fantastic video presentation by Michael Fiore (renowned relationship expert) on this very subject with a ton of great, useful information, and couldn’t wait to share it with you as well. I was impressed by the utter volume of amazing information in the video and in his program. He touches on many questions he’s been asked by women and provides the answers based on a survey he did of 50,000 men asking them what they really want in a woman, and so much more. Questions like:

Why does he look at other women?
Why do men lie?
Is he cheating on me?
Why doesn’t he open up to me?
Why does he get so quiet?

And, of course, the question that he says is by far the most asked by women: Does he really love me?

He also talks about how to empower yourself in your relationships by addressing topics such as:

The fundamental mistake women make which makes it impossible to ever have a truly happy relationship with a man. (Hint: One of the reasons is because far too many women choose men who don’t deserve them)

How to have a relationship where you feel truly loved and adored the way you’re supposed to with a man who really gets you, loves you, keeps you safe, and celebrates you.

How to tell the difference between a man who just wants a warm body beside him as opposed to a man who is truly in love with you.

What toxic thing you’re doing that is killing his feelings for you.

How love means something different for men and women.

Michael also goes through a 7 question quiz in the video that will help you tell how he really feels. Questions include:

Does he make you a priority?
Does he care about your pleasure in bed?
Does he respect and encourage you in life?

I’ll stop writing about the video and program here or else this post is going to get extremely long (so much to say!), so I’ll just leave it to Michael to enlighten everyone with his wisdom.

Watch Michael’s video by clicking here or on the image below.

Michael Fiore

Please be aware that Michael has built an entire program around his findings which he’ll tell you about in the presentation as well but you do not by any means have to buy it. I hope you simply enjoy the video on its own and if you feel that you could benefit from his program, please do sign up. I have both spoken to Michael and looked through his program personally, and can say with all certainty that I think it’s FANTASTIC and empowering.

Please do enjoy and I hope the video provides you with tools that you can take away with you to use to make your relationships so much better! ~ Gia


  1. I need helping to win my husband back. He has asked for a divorce and has entered into a relationship with my ex best friend, whom I know is just using him and he doesn’t want to listen to anyone else.

    1. I’m sorry you are going though heartache … But really? He should be wanting to get you back
      Let him have her because he will mess around on her back too!

      Besides… Why stoop to his level? Go find someone who loves, respects, and honors you as his other half! Get yourself back your respect … Not his

    2. You can’t change someone or ‘win’ them back. They have to want to be with you. I was in a prolonged situation where I was trying to win someone… but eventually you realize that if they want to be with you, they will be. Its hard to let someone go, and its scary to face divorce and split up….but at the end of the day.. how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice to make someone else stay with you… who isn’t staying because they want to? You deserve better. It may not be easy to believe.. but you will be happier being who you truly are.

  2. I am so very sorry to hear what must be a very painful time for you. I wish there was a specific thing to tell you to make this happen but it may just be waiting for your husband to see what kind of person your ex friend really is. I wish you all the best.

    1. He should be trying to get you back he is with your friend may be you won already a new beginning with someone who loves you and respects you and won’t break your heart and cross lines you don’t cross wish u the best in life stay strong ….

  3. He don’t open up and tell me how he really feels says he don’t like all this love talk but yet he misses me

  4. I’ve bn married 3 yrs and in ths relationship for9. He has always put everyone it don’t matter who before me but especially his ex wife and mother and I am just really tired of the battle I think should have stopped long time ago correct?