How to Know What Real Men Want in Bed

What real men want in bed.


You read articles online and in women’s magazines about What Men Want.


But how true is all this stuff? Are these really things that men want to experience with you in the bedroom?


Not necessarily.


For example: A threesome?


If he’s really in love with you, he’s not just going to want to have another woman in the mix no matter how horny he is …


Another example: Bondage?


He’s a man, but not every man is into that kind of stuff.


So then. What is it that real men want?


Let’s find out.


What Real Men Want When It Comes to Their Partners and Sex


  1. Excitement.


Enthusiasm. Passion. Eagerness.


They want you to be all of these things. And of course, they want you to be these things about him. To convey this … think dirty talk, smiles, moans, sounds, passionate kisses. All of this tells him you want him … you need him. And that makes him go crazy.


The next day when he remembers how you looked into his eyes and told him how bad you wanted him … he’ll hardly able to concentrate on his work. That’s the sign of great sex.


  1. A little bit of a trophy.


“Trophy wife.”


“Trophy girlfriend.”


Most women are aghast at these labels! How dare you!?


But why?


This is what real men want in many cases. Yep. Something they can parade around and show their friends. This does not mean that they don’t love you also.


So when it comes to sex, this comes into play. Real men want to feel like they’ve earned their trophy. It turns ‘em on, gets ‘em going.


He wants someone who is sexy and confident and … who wants him. You don’t have to be stick thin, have model looks, or be “perfect” by traditional standards. But sometimes … be okay being his trophy woman.


  1. A woman who knows what she wants.


In the bedroom, the leading man is usually, well, the man. But guys want desperately to know what it is you crave in the bedroom. If you want him to go down on you. If you want to go down on each other at the same time. For how long? In what way?


He wants you to tell him what you like, and he wants to give you exactly that. And of course, when he gives you what you want … make sure to display to him just how much you’re enjoying it … (See #1).


  1. Shock and surprise.


Ok, probably not the shock you’re thinking of. Don’t jump out and scare him!


We’re talking about shock in terms of surprise sex. He wants to be surprised by something you do sexually. For instance, in a generally non-sexual situation.


So think about it. Do you ever give him a little under the table play when you’re out at a dimly lit restaurant? Have you ever met him at the door after work in your negligée? What about middle of the night sex? Morning sex? Afternoon sex?


If you’re a little apprehensive because you’ve never been the kind of gal to start randomly jumping your guy out of nowhere … don’t fret. Know why you don’t have to fret?


Because guys always want to have sex. In other words, you’ll never “catch him at a bad time.”


  1. Roughness (A little bit and just sometimes).


The thing is, you don’t have to be rough. It’s just that you should not be so concerned with being a delicate little flower. Sure, you’re the woman. Sure, you are delicate in a lot of ways, and yes, that’s what he finds attractive about you.


But a little bit of getting rough and tumble could really get him going. For instance, try kissing him a little rougher, then dialing it back again and moving slowly. Or grab his hair a little tighter. Or wrap your legs a little closer around him while you’re in bed together. There’s no need to get violent, but definitely play rough sometimes, and see his eyes light up.


  1. Compassion.


Sometimes, things don’t always work out the way you (he) planned (Ahem, you know what we mean). And in that case, if you’re at first a bit shocked (and even a little bothered) … he’s going to feel pretty bad.


So if you want your guy to feel his most comfortable in bed with you and thus be extremely satisfied, make sure you make him feel comfortable. And have compassion for him especially during these sometimes awkward moments. It can go a long way.


  1. Adventure.


Be willing to try new things! Men want you to be adventurous and come up with new positions, moves, games and ideas so they don’t always have to. And in conjunction with #6, if he does come up with a new idea, don’t shoot him down and make him feel bad even if you’re not 100 percent on board.


If you’re wondering exactly how to become more adventurous, start slow. Maybe take a shower or bath together, or do massages. You might even try a game.


This will get you started. But then you need a little something more … something that will make you unique to him. After all, it’s possible for a man to be in love with you in a pretty typical way. But it’s also possible for a man to be infatuated with you. So in love with you and dedicated to you that he would never even think of leaving.


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