How to Make You the ‘On-Switch’ for His Pleasure Hormones

pleasure hormone


Ever heard of “pleasure hormones”?


You probably just thought we’re referring to estrogen, testosterone, etc…




You will be surprised to know that there is one special hormone that we’re talking about. One special hormone that is known as the pleasure hormone and you can actually harness its capabilities so that the man you desire desires you in return.


It’s called Oxytocin.


And here’s how this amazing hormone works and … how you can make it work for you.


What’s the Deal With Oxytocin?


Humans have many different types of hormones in the body. Some do basic, functional things like produce blood platelets or help specific organs turn over new cells. In women, some special hormones regulate menstruation. In both men and women, certain hormones run your metabolism, making you more or less hungry or tired or cranky at different times of the day.


Oxytocin is a hormone that the body produces naturally, and while it has several roles in the body that are pretty basic, it is also known as the pleasure hormone This is because it helps create pro-social behaviors in humans. These pro-social behaviors are those that help regulate feelings like connection and attachment.


Yeah. Strong Connections.


Certain research studies have shown that when there is more oxytocin in certain individuals, there is also more romantic love in that person’s life. Or vice versa.


More oxytocin = More love.


More love = More oxytocin.


Get it? When men are stimulated by oxytocin, they form attachments with whomever stimulated the hormone rush. For example, both men and women release oxytocin during orgasm = a literal attachment building experience.


Ok we know what you’re thinking. No, just having sex with a man once is not going to make him desire you forever. It’s more complicated than that, but … the overall idea is there. Special activities that spur rushes of oxytocin are the key.


So think about it:


Is there anyone you would like to build a strong connection with?


Well, this hormone may be your new best friend.


How to Make Yourself the Object of His Hormonal Desires


We’re going to turn YOU into the “on-switch” in his brain for: Pleasure, connection, love, and desire. To do this, try these pleasure hormone provoking tips.


  1. Use touch. This is a classic. Touch his arm when he makes you laugh. Give him a hug when you say goodnight after a party. Brush by him when you go through a tight space.


  1. Engage in physical activity with him. No, not that physical activity. Well, later you can do that! Try exercise. Go running, ride bikes, take a canoe out, or just throw a ball back and forth.


  1. Arouse his animal sexual interests. Your clothes and look shouldn’t be all that you’re going for here, but sometimes, take your hair down in front of him or lean just a little far forward in a blouse that shows your décolletage.


  1. Make yourself into a mystery. Do not tell him everything you do every day all the time. Respond to “How was your weekend?” with something like “Oh I don’t know, got into some mischief, you know” then wink.


  1. Let him show his masculine side. Need help opening a jar or reaching something on a high shelf? Ask him to help you and thank him graciously when he does.


  1. Make him … just a little … insecure. Sometimes, off the cuff remarks that make him just a little insecure are good. They keep him on his toes. Try, “I forgot, have you ever had a long term relationship?” or “Oh I’m sorry I can’t go, I’ve got plans.” Only sometimes.


  1. Be around for the good stuff. Office parties, birthday parties, his favorite events, his birthday. Be there.


  1. Make eye contact and smile. Humans respond positively to smiles. Any smiles. Make sure you are smiling when you look directly at him sometimes. Not creepily … just, for example, when you first see him or as you say good bye or as he is saying something amusing or happy.


  1. Do brand new things together. It doesn’t have to be skydiving. Play a new game together. Go to a new restaurant. Try a new sport. Experiencing the unknown side by side reinforces the connection.


  1. Make him remember YOUR smell. Make sure you have a signature, beautiful, womanly scent and have it on whenever he’s around.


  1. Use his name. Men love to hear their name. Anyone does. Use it often when speaking to him.


  1. Tap into his Impulsive part of the brain.

 After doing a lot of these pleasure hormone inducing things, you will naturally be emotionally in-tune with him, and he will start to feel certain connections for you.


Remember, you’re not doing the typical things here. You’re not just trying to dress sexy or cooking his favorite meals. You’re working with his hormone levels.


But as you do this, you also must learn how to tap into his emotions and re-frame his point of view. This comes with saying and doing certain things. You’ve probably seen a woman who can make a man do anything to please her. She is using these techniques. Altogether, these techniques can be found in the Make Him Desire You dating & relationship program.


Make Him Desire You comes directly from men and shows you how to tap into any man’s emotions so that he feels impulsive love for you. Wondering where to get this program? Just click here. Starting from day 1 with these techniques, you will begin to see how lucky he feels to know you, how often he wants to be near you, and how far he’ll go to prove he’s man enough and good enough for you.


And every time he even hears your name … those pleasure hormones will rush to his brain. Reinforcing the connection between the two of you. Reinforcing that passion and desire and adoration he has for you. And only you.