If you have fallen in love online you are definitely not alone


 It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t fallen head over heels for someone online these days. What used to produce raised eyebrows when telling others “I met my boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife online” only 10 years ago, has now become the norm.

This is not to say that a negative social stigma associated with online relationships doesn’t persist.  Many still believe that internet relationships aren’t “real”;  that people misrepresent themselves en masse online, they’re social degenerates who have no chance of getting a date in “real life”, they don’t have the tools or skills to “deal with normal relationships”, and other such misconceptions.


Couples who meet on the internet are now the norm, not the anomaly.
Couples who meet on the internet are now the norm, not the anomaly. Picture source: http://clio-soundandfury.blogspot.ca/


Okay, so there might be some truth in some of that some of the time.  What we tend to forget, though, is that the same truth applies to someone you would meet at work, at a party, at a night club, through a friend, or anywhere else for that matter.  If someone is going to misrepresent themselves and try to take advantage of you, they’re going to do it whether they’re online or offline.  In certain situations, it’s just somewhat easier for them to do so when they are hiding behind a computer screen.



  1. Yes but sometimes u run into that person 25 miles from u and u haven’t seen them in two years and u fall in love. I agree it takes effort and commitment. But not only by one. If one person is willing to try that should say something. But why play games with someone’s heart. Seeing someone in person can say a lot more. There eyes theirbbody language and it shows a level of respect for yourself and the other person. I done long distance and it worked for a long time and even though we r not together I can call him anytime to chat.

  2. I met mine in a dominoes game room.. We met in 06, starting dating & moved in 2gether in 07.. Were still 2gether & I couldnt be happier.. Ecstatic 2 read its normal now & the divorce rate is so low.. Thank u 4 sharing..

  3. Met my husband 5 years ago online. We lived 800 miles away. A year after we met we moved in together..6 months later we were married and now 5 years and three kids later we couldn’t be any more in love. It does take a lot more work being so far away but you thrive when it comes to communication…because it’s all you have. I still insist it was destiny..he’s my soulmate 🙂

  4. I met the love of my life three years ago on line….We talked on the phone everynight watched movies together, we did what ever it took to stay close..We lived 1000 miles away from one another..Now we are living together for the past 4 months and I have never been happier! This is like a dream come true ..The key is to talk at least 5 times a day and always say goodnight..We will be married soon..He is my twin my heart my destiny so those who think it cant work think again

  5. I didn’t meet him online. we went to high school together, hung out together as young adults, even had one drunken indiscreet night, but it never went anywhere. He had a massive crush on one of my best friends. The we didn’t talk for 25 years, marriages and kids and divorces later we reconnected online and it is developed into the most phenomonal relationship I have ever had. We talk for hours almost every day ( he is 1200 miles away) and will meet in person for the first time in 25 years next weekend and we both know we will be taking this where it should have gone back then.

  6. I agree with Gia. You can meet good people online. I have met a few good men online but those relationships didn’t work. But I’m glad they didn’t because that only gave me a chance to meet this man I met online last year. I never expected to meet someone like him…especially on the internet but anything is possible. We have become really good friends. But not only that we have also formed a relationship together. It’s hard at times because I can’t get to see him in person. He lives a bit far from where I live but we do plan on meeting each other soon. We use Skype a lot and it makes things a little easier. It just takes a lot of patience and trust when it comes to these relationships. But if you find someone you can connect with why waste that opportunity just because you’re worried about what other people will think? I never care if I meet someone online or offfline because either way they were strangers when we first met. Technology can be good or bad sometimes but in this case, it’s really good because it gave me the opportunity to meet my guy. I always look forward to talking to him every single day. He brings a lot of good things into my life and I do to his. Anything is possible with God 🙂