In Love? You’ll Never Be His Best Ever Until You Know This


When you’re in love, everything is coming up roses. Spending time with him is all you think about. Everything seems to lead up to that. Other parts of your life that you used to be frustrated about—work, family problems, the state of the world … those things seem to just float away a whole lot easier now that love is in your life.


Even if your love is not reciprocated, you’re probably still going to be happy. He may never even look your way, but knowing that he’s there … knowing that he could be the one, it makes you a little crazy.


You know the feeling …


In the mean time, you find yourself taking more time with your appearance. Hair, makeup, better clothes. And of course, as you two (hopefully) continue to get closer and closer, as the love continues to get stronger … you think about …


Sex … and how to please him in his favorite possible ways.


Because let’s face it: You want to be the best he’s ever had. Love’ll do that to ya.


Which leads us to our main point: What you must know if you want to be his best ever … if you want to further foster feelings of intense love with your man. And make him love you even more.


Mind-blowing sex is on the menu.


Intimacy Needs to Be Both Emotional and Physical


Let’s start at the beginning with a simple lesson in love that every woman should know. Namely, that true love cannot come about from only physical intimacy and can’t come about from only emotional intimacy either. You must have a combination of the two.


Here’s how you do it.


Fostering Emotional Intimacy


Let’s start with the emotional aspect of things. In order to tap into any man’s psyche and find that heart of gold you know is there … that strength and yearning that you know he has … the thing you’ve been looking for desperately in your love life, you need to act like a gardener.


Sound sort of odd? It’s not. Think about it. A gardener does several key things to make their plants and crops grow: Water, sun, soil. You need certain ingredients to make your love grow.


The love you feel for him? It’s already there. But men are stubborn. The way to the hearts of men is a winding and twisty labyrinth that is hard for women to find their way in. It’s certainly possible, though, to navigate the emotions and feelings of a man if you only know what you’re doing. You need to be able to tap into him where no other woman has been able to. And sorry to say, it won’t exactly be easy.


A lot of it has to do with asking the right questions. We’ll talk about strategies later, but know this: One question or inquiry that he doesn’t like, and he could shut down forever. It’s important to know how to talk to a man who is emotionally closed off.


Fostering Physical Intimacy


Now we’ve arrived at the physical stuff. To men? Equally important.


Men are visual and need sex almost daily. They think about it constantly. But their likes and dislikes vary. It depends on their personality, but it also depends on how you present yourself.


Men want to be with strong women. They want a woman who can take care of him, who is intelligent and knows she is beautiful and capable. But at the same time, he wants to be a caregiver. Trying to figure out how to make both of these things happen in the bedroom is a challenge.


For example, dirty talk: Being too forceful—even saying things he might seemingly lust after in a porn he watches—is going to turn him off. In contrast, not saying anything or being too shy with your sexy talk is going to be turn him off for him as well. He’s going to become shy and feel awkward if he wants to talk dirty to you. He’ll feel like he can’t be himself around you, and that just everything else inside him completely down.


Knowing just what to say, and employing techniques that are tried and true with emotionally cut off men is exactly what you need to learn how to do.


Bringing Everything Together


What you have here are two strategies for reinforcing desire and love within the man you love—whether he is currently your partner right now or not. Have a partner who seems distant? Broken up with a boyfriend who you want back? These are the strategies that can help you fix things.


To actually bring everything together, though, you need one secret. And it lies within the Language of Desire.


This program is like the perfect teacher for any woman who wants to cultivate an indescribably heightened, intense love while also giving her man the best sex ever.


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And just imagine what you can do when you get to the “touching” part of the program.


Try it and see if it works for you the way it has worked for countess other woman. We think you’ll love the results you get … and your man will too.


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