Is He Your Superlove, or Just a Superdud?

Is He Your Superlove, or Just a Superdud?

by Shannon Wells



What is it that makes a man a truly great life partner? Most of the articles you find on the internet talk about attraction, trust, commitment, and sexual chemistry which are all key, but we all know those are the minimum necessary standard, and the folks at WebMD agree. After all, you can’t have a meaningful relationship without them. Aside from these basics, what is it that makes a man someone you truly want to spend the rest of your life with?




Let’s face it – there are few women who don’t appreciate a well-toned man who takes pride in his appearance, but despite the fact that looking at him gives you a severe case of the butterflies, the fact is that attraction based on nothing but his abs will fade, unless there’s something deeper. Something beneath the surface. Intelligence is sexy, and it’s’ so important to a strong, long term relationship! After all, his intelligence will push you to learn new things about yourself and each other. It will challenge you in unexpected and often delightful ways, and your intelligence will do the same to him. That’s what keeps a relationship fresh, interesting, and growing.


Sense Of Humor


No matter how lucky you are, life’s going to throw you some curve balls. When that happens, the man you want at your side is the one who can find something to laugh about where life’s little mishaps are concerned. Most readers will have had at least some experience with the “other type.” The man who acts like a petulant child the moment things don’t go his way. Avoid those types like the plague! You’ll know he’s a keeper when he greets a setback or one of life’s challenges with a shrug, a smile, and a can-do attitude.


Living in the Now (With An Eye on the Future)


A happy life is composed of thousands of individual moments. The Superlove in your life understands that and sees to it that those moments take your breath away. These can range from inconsequential things like trading glances while chopping vegetables together for dinner, to an unexpectedly welcomed back rub after a trying day, to remembering not just the major holidays your anniversary, and your birthdays, but also days of special importance to you, like the day your cherished pet died, or the day you got a hard-earned promotion.


The man you want will remember them all and celebrate them with you. He’s emotionally available and tuned into you. That’s what makes a relationship remarkable. Sure, any one of those little moments might be easy to gloss over. Individually, they may not stick in your mind, but on those quiet mornings when you’re looking back over your life together and remembering, the collected weight of those memories will make you smile.


The man who can do that lives very much in the now, but he’s also got one eye firmly fixed on the future. He’s always thinking, not just about himself, but about you as a couple. A family, whatever size yours may be.


Of course, having said that, the “Superdud” (and we’ve all met more than a few of those!) will be the polar opposite of the man described above. He might be nice to look at, but he’s a total disaster where a long term relationship is concerned