Is Your Hectic Holiday Schedule Ruining Your Sex Drive?

Is Your Hectic Holiday Schedule Ruining Your Sex Drive?

By:  Faye Roberts


holiday sex drive


Most women look at their sex drive as a mystery. Like an elusive unicorn, it seems to reveal itself out of nowhere. Maybe when you’re washing your hair or watching reruns in your pajamas …


And then later (usually when you really want it) it’s just poof gone.


The truth is, however, your sex drive is not as random as you think it is.


Especially during stressful times like the holidays, that little “come hither” voice in your soul can be hiding away because frankly: Who wants to come out and play when there are “sooo many things to do!”?


Let’s face facts: The holidays should be a time for family, joy, and relaxation.


But they never are.


You’re shopping. You’re decorating. You’re wrapping. You’re fundraising for your kids or your church or your office.


You’re making cookies from scratch, then burning them, then running to the store to buy pre-made cookie dough, then making those, then dropping them on the floor.


Hahaha, you can laugh about it right!?


It is the ultimate joke that the holidays are a big joy that everyone can sink into without a care in the world. This just doesn’t happen.


So it makes sense that when you’re met with a less than inspirational sex drive around this time of year, it’s not a random act of the sex drive Gods. You’ve gotta make it happen yourself.


And here’s how.


  1. Say No More Often


Or in other words, replace your Ho ho ho’s with No no no’s.


It’s the holidays, and whether or not you are the typical overachieving soccer mom or the super active community member, you’re going to be getting more and more put on your plate. It just adds up, and you absolutely must be diligent about keeping a chill schedule.


You won’t want to! You will resist! But you must say no.


This may involve some white lies, and that’s okay. Not everyone will respond well to “Well, I can’t because I don’t want to.” So in order to bow out of unnecessary obligations with grace, simply say that you “have an appointment” when you feel you’re taking on too much. This gives you leeway, and it also is true!


You have an appointment with yourself.


Saying no to more things frees up time in your schedule. Yes, this time can be directly attributed to sex, but it is also important in order to reduce overall stress. You can have time to watch your TV shows, clean up the house, pay bills on time, etc. And this translates to a calmer, and more sex motivated you.


  1. Stick to Your Pamper Schedule


When we have time, all women have certain rituals they do to keep themselves lookin’ fly. Some women go to spas. But others make their own makeshift spas at home: Pop in a movie, little wine, robe … and then there’s the arsenal of beauty tools:


  • Hair dye
  • Body hair bleach
  • Tweezers
  • Nail Polish
  • Face mask
  • Razor
  • Pumice stone
  • Teeth whitening strips
  • Power tools …


The point is: Don’t stop doing this.


The holidays inch their way in so that this regimen often becomes rare or obsolete from October to January (we all know what this means body hair-wise …). And that can hurt our self-esteem and our self worth.


When you perform these spa regimens for yourself, you are not only making yourself beautiful and giving yourself confidence in the way you look, but you’re telling yourself “I’m worth this time.” And that’s ultra important. When you achieve both of these things, you’ll notice that you have a more active sex life and a better sex drive. No one wants to have sex when they feel gross.


  1. Pencil Him In


Okay last one, and this is vital:


Schedule sex.


Not only is this a great way to build up foreplay and get excited, it also ensures that it will happen.


Remember that thing about feeling gross and having no sex drive? Adding sex to your schedule allows you to plan for your romp by way of doing your hair, shaving those legs, and maybe even shopping for a sexy piece of lingerie.


Furthermore, when you schedule sex, you can make sure that you have time to go through all your favorite phases of foreplay.


This will be different for each woman, but for many gals, optimal foreplay is a two-way street. You want to be sexily wooed, but you also want to woo your man!


In this case, you’ll need to know what you’re doing in the sexy talk and body language department, and that’s an issue for some women.


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