Is Your Voice Sexy? Tips to Make It Irresistible

sexy voice

What do you people hear when you speak? You hear yourself all the time, but do you really know what you sound like to others?


It’s sure that you’ve heard people speak and been turned off by their voices … too whiny, too soft so you can’t hear a thing, too bubbly. But most of the time, if you like the person, the voice isn’t that much of a problem.


When it comes to sex and romance, though … if you want to attract someone of the opposite sex, it’s important that you cultivate a sexy voice. This really matters to men.


And let’s just say it right here, a sexy voice doesn’t come naturally to everyone.


So if you’re looking for a way to improve the sexiness and attractiveness of your voice (and you can literally make it irresistible to men), then read on. The info’s all here.


Common Types of Voices


If you think you should improve your voice (and especially if you want to make it sexier), your voice will likely fall into one of the following categories. You’ll need to work on these forms of voices to make them both stronger and more becoming, and you’ll find the tips for that below.


  1. The Nasal Voice – Think Fran Drescher. This voice resonates from the nose instead of from the diaphragm or even the chest or mouth. In this way, the voice can sound piercing and annoying.


  1. The Soft-Like-a-Mouse Voice –You might notice that individuals with this type of voice don’t annunciate, and they only open their mouths a bit when they speak. Additionally, these individuals don’t appear mature because they sound very young.


  1. The Mouth Voice – This one’s just plain hard to hear. The mouth does not produce enough sound for a voice, and it certainly doesn’t have enough air to support a lot of talking, so you end up sounding very quiet and meek.


  1. The Deep Masculine Voice – This voice has potential, but it’s often very manly in that it’s sort of matter-of-fact and not at all melodic. If you’re trying to sound feminine and sexy, you’ll want to change that.


  1. The Croaky Voice – This voice is sometimes natural and other times the result of smoking. It’s gravely and rough, but despite that, you can use this huskiness to sound sexy and enchanting.


Essential Tips for Making Your Voice More Sexy


  • Speak from your diaphragm.


At first, if you are a mouth or chest speaker, speaking from your diaphragm will feel bizarre. It will feel like you’re trying to speak like a man. But speaking from your diaphragm is actually essential for getting a more attractive voice because it adds warm overtones to your speech and gives you a much sexier appeal.


  • Try using your “hum”.


To add even more warm overtones to your voice and to sound even sexier, try humming for about 3 seconds. Feel the hum vibrate your nose, then slip seamlessly into your speech. Speak from the place where you felt the hum. This will make your voice louder as well if you tend to speak quietly like a mouse.


  • Mix a whisper in with your speech.


It’s important to have a strong voice with lots of overtones, but when you’re in the bedroom, you don’t want to sound like you’re giving a speech. In this way, try speaking directly into his ear and mixing your normal (slightly softer) voice with some whispers. For example, start each word with your normal voice and end each word with a whisper.


  • Smile with your eyes while you speak.


Of course, you need to look the part, so when you’re speaking sexily to him, smile with your eyes. This means you let your eyes do what they would do normally when your mouth is smiling but you don’t actually show the smile on your mouth.


  • Make sure the words you say are conveying the sexiest possible message.


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In the end, just remember that there are tons of things you could work on to become sexier and more attractive … but in a scientific survey conducted in 2006, it was actually found that opposed to having an attractive face … having a sexy voice was more attractive to both women and men. So get to work ladies! Trust us, he’ll notice and it will be worth it.