Just Making Out? Make It as Hot as Sex For You Both

Just Making Out? Make It as Hot as Sex For You Both

By: Faye Roberts

Got a make-out sesh in your future?

Maybe you and your main man like to take things slowly in your relationship, so making-out is your go-to hook up.

Or did a guy you’ve been dating invite you to his place for a third date and you’re going to “watch a movie”?

Whatever the situation, making-out is something we’ve all done. And a lot of people assume it has to be same-old, same-old: awkward reaches on the couch, some light touching, and intense Frenching.

These moves may have been pretty exciting when you were 16 and your parents were out, but we’re adults now! And make-out sessions can be hot.

Plus, lots of couples are interested in some heavy petting over sex occasionally.

The key is to know what you’re doing.


Luckily, everything you need to know is right here:

Your full-proof guide to turning an awkward canoodle on the couch into a hot and sexy necking session that will blow his mind (and we don’t think you’ll mind it much either)!


Step 1. Slow everything way down

First rule: Your end goal is not a homerun here, so if you start the major caressing and French kissing right away, you’ve got no where to go.

This means you have to move slowly and take your time. Trust us, this is sooo the opposite of boring. It’s actually amazing.


Step 2. Get into position

Make-out sessions usually start out with you two side-by-side or maybe standing up, but there’s nothing saying you have to stay in that position.

Switch things up!

If you’re on the couch, try straddling his legs and moving to sit on his lap. Or if you start standing up, pull him to you as you back yourself against the wall (or refrigerator, car door, front door, etc.).

You can also get horizontal—no sex involved. Perhaps just some light grinding with him spooning you from behind or our next option …


Step 3. Simulate sex

Yeah, yeah, we know it’s called “dry humping,” but what a horrible term for a really fun thing to do! Your bodies up against each other will feel the way they do in sex, but not being able to actually commit to the act with your clothes on will drive you both wild (in a good way).


Step 4. Get creative

This seems vague, but it goes along with step one. To keep things spicy you’ve got to look at different moves, positions and body parts in a new light. And every make-out session will be different, so you’ll have to think on the fly.

For example, try stroking his arms lightly with your fingertips, or graze the tip of your nose against his before you kiss. Breathe into his ear and let out an almost silent moan. Slowly and gently run your fingers through his hair and down his neck.

Another good one is playing with the bottom hem of his shirt. Let your fingers gently graze his lower stomach underneath, but make it seem accidental. He’ll love this because A) It’s close to his package and B) He’ll think you’re about to take his shirt off, and he’ll be anticipating it the whole time.


Step 5. Speak your mind

Here’s another thing to try: dirty talk.

Often, couples that always go straight to sex miss out on awesome stuff like talkin’ dirty. And if you try it, he’ll love it.

What to say? Something like, “I love the way you feel up against me” or, “Your tongue feels so good in my mouth.”

But once you’ve got some initial zingers like this down, you have to keep the conversation going.

(Remember, it’s all about the buildup.)

Unfortunately, a lot of women have trouble in this area. You’re thinking,

“Is my voice sounding okay?”
“How do I keep this up?”
“What did I even mean by what I just said!?”
“Did I go too far?”
“Not far enough?”

Hey. Ladies. Don’t worry.

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