Lip Service

Lip service
Have you got a problem? We’ve got the advice you’re looking for.
We have been getting a slew of requests for love/relationship advice so we have decided to dedicate a section of the LSI website, called “Lip Service”, to peer advising!  It has worked exceptionally well on the LSI Facebook page in the past, and we look forward to continuing to see insightful, constructive responses to your peers’ issues from any of you who are kind enough to provide it.
The only rule is to be respectful to both the person asking for advice and to your peers who have provided responses in each thread.  The site is heavily moderated and any responses which we feel are disrespectful will be removed.
If you would like to submit a question or quandary to be posted anonymously to the advice column, please do so either by emailing us by clicking here.
Please keep in mind that this is peer advice and should never be used in the place of professional advice.  As such, individuals who are seeking advice and ask for their questions to be posted on the website, accept full responsibility for any consequences which may come from acting upon advice given from their peers.  By asking LSI to request peer advice on your behalf, you agree to release LSI from any responsibility.