Mistakes That Partners Make When Trying To Dirty Talk

Mistake 2: Making the Dirty Talk Unbelievable

dirtytalk_banner5_200_200Be aware that talking dirty can come across as very insincere. Telling your man, “your penis is so huge”, when in reality it’s only about 3 inches isn’t going to make him suddenly feel like a stud. Likewise, telling her that that you love her massive breasts when she is more “grape” than “grapefruit” in size could backfire. Sure, indulge a little but don’t go completely overboard with your exaggeration. In fact, when your lover is overly conscious of his or her size, dirty talk can do amazing things to boost their confidence. Dirty talk gives you the avenue to banish their insecurities and make them eager for more hot sex with you.

Mistake 3: Putting False Expectations in Their Heads

When you’re using dirty talk, don’t tell your partner about things you honestly have NO intentions of doing. You may find that it triggers some new fantasies or embeds some new images in his or her mind that he or she could continue to ask you to talk about and then want to act them out in real life.

Mistake 4: Using Dirty Talk as the Sizzle Rather Than The Spice

Talking dirty can also become redundant (just like missionary sex day after day after day). Make sure that you don’t use the same phrases, over and over, or trust me, it will have the exact opposite effect and your partner might end up thinking, “Ok…I’ve heard that so many times… please shut up already.” ?

Mistake 5: Giving Up When It’s Not Turning Them On

Sometimes talking dirty can be more comical than erotic, depending on what is said and how it is said. It’s okay to laugh! But don’t give up. There’s actually a lot to learn! It’s not just the words you say!

I highly recommend that you check out Michael Webb’s “Dirty Talk Secrets” site for lots of great examples that turn men and women on.

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