No Regrets: Reconnecting With “The One That Got Away”

Sensual couple in a field.

by Brad Browning, Breakup Expert & Best-Selling Author


Here’s a fun fact:  in a recent survey, nearly 40% of adults said their single biggest regret in life was “breaking up with a past lover”.


Are you in the same boat?  Have you let ‘the one’ slip out of your life, only to realize later you’d made a huge mistake?


If so, here’s my advice:  stop wondering “what if” and do something about it.


Now is your chance.  In fact, now is a perfect time to act, because I’m about to tell you exactly what you need to do to undo your past mistakes and win back “the one that got away”.


Before I begin, let me address the skeptics:  yes, it is actually completely possible to re-unite with your ex!  That’s especially true if the breakup happened within the last couple of years.


As a breakup coach and best-selling author, I help my clients re-build a past romance, and I see them succeed all the time.  Trust me, it’s possible.


Here’s the basic formula:


First, you need to get your ex’s contact info…. a phone number is best but you can also break the ice and begin re-building a connection via Facebook or even by email.


Second, you need to think of something funny or meaningful that you can send to your ex in a text message (or FB msg, snap, email, etc) to generate some feelings of nostalgia and get back on their radar in a positive way.  This is critical.  You must break the ice with something that will make your ex smile, laugh, or remember a happy memory you shared together in the past.


Third, you need to be patient!  You can’t rush this… pushing ahead too quickly is just going to weird out your ex and scare them off for good.  At first, your encounters need to be really brief and sometimes may even need to seem “accidental”.  You’re just setting the stage in preparation for phase 2, which I call “re-kindling”.


Forth, it’s time to turn your playful texting into an in-person meeting.  You just want to meet up to ‘catch up over coffee’… nothing more. Don’t call this a “date”…. you don’t want to set off any alarm bells.  This quick meet-up has three purposes:  a) remind your ex what a fun and interesting person you are;  b) show them the ‘new you’ and how well your life is going nowadays; and  c) do some flirting to build sexual tension.


Fifth, you need to turn this one ‘coffee date’ into a second and a third meet-up (without coming on too strong and scaring them away).  This is what I call the “Re-attraction” phase… it’s where you use a few sneaky tricks to build sexual tension and establish a romantic connection without the other person even realizing what’s happening.  Learn about some sneaky psychological tactics you should use in this phase by clicking here to access to my latest how-to video (I cover this topic part way through, but you should watch the beginning too).


And finally, when you’ve followed the steps in my re-attraction phase and built enough of a connection with your ex, things tend to fall into place on their own.  You’ll definitely need to continue flirting like mad and ramp up the sexual connection…. and eventually things will just “click” and you’ll find yourself back in love.


So there you have it… that’s the basic formula for re-connecting with “the one that got away”.


Yes, I know what’s going on in your head at this point…  “It all sounds too easy, Brad,” you’re thinking.  “What if they’re dating someone new?  What if you live 500 miles apart?”


Sadly, both those questions are among the many excellent scenarios that I don’t have space to address in this article.  The best place to get more in-depth answers to those questions, and many others, is in this video that I just made public (watch it ASAP, because I’m going to put it back in the ‘members only’ section soon).


OK, now there’s just one more thing I have to tell you… and pay close attention, because my last tip is the most important one by far….


Don’t go through life wondering “what if”!  Put aside your fears, and chase after true love, because you may never find someone like that again.  There’s no excuse, because I’ve given you the blueprint…. all you have to do is use it.