Oxytocin: The Bonding Molecule That Will Make Him Need You



We all have hormones in our bodies that direct a lot of what happens in our bodies without our even knowing it. Some are responsible for our moods while others take care of things like making sure we get through puberty alive.


As women, we’re over this part of our hormonal histories already, but we still need hormones in order to do certain things. And men need them too.




One of the most famous hormones related to men and their ability to bond with women is oxytocin. Many people call oxytocin the “bonding molecule” or the “love drug.”


Why? Because this is the one hormone that does the following things.


  • Increases trust
  • Heightens affection
  • Makes intimacy feel more comfortable
  • Enhances social memories
  • Makes connections between people, experiences, and pleasure … or pain


You might call it a social memory enhancement. When oxytocin is produced, memories are stronger and they also last longer. In addition, when big events are happening (like having sex with someone), oxytocin is produced.


In some ways, this presents a “Which happens first? The chicken or the egg?” situation.


It can be hard to tell if someone is growing attached to another person because they’ve been having lots of important experiences together, which have bonded them … or if they are first attracted to someone else (with oxytocin), and are therefore experiencing more emotional, engaging activities together (going on dates, having sex, etc.) as a result.


But the key here is that scientists who study oxytocin and the brain chemistry of love and attachment, say either or both can happen. And additionally, relationship professionals agree on this matter. As opposed to scientists and researchers who are looking at brain scans and spending all their time in the lab, relationship experts and mediators are seeing these things happen in real life right in front of them. They are experiencing the results of oxytocin.


In this way … we can conclude that no matter which happens first … you can induce oxytocin to take hold in the brain. And by doing that … you can create a bond of romantic attachment that is firm and strong between you … and whatever man you desire.


Warning! : You need to know something before we go on, however. Oxytocin is a social memory enhancement hormone, so … whatever memory is happening between you two … it will be enhanced.


This goes for the good and the great memories … and the bad and the ugly ones. So you need to watch out, and keep the engagements you have positive, tight-knit, warm, comfortable, happy, and … sexy (if possible). Doing this will help positive memories grow and become enhanced. And this will help produce oxytocin that works in your favor.


Here are Some Ideas for Promoting the Production of Oxytocin: The Bonding Hormone


  1. Do Something Scary Together


Oddly enough, oxytocin is produced when you experience excitement and fear together. For that reason, going to a scary movie or to a haunted house together might be a great idea for you two.


  1. Get Personal


Asking personal questions and giving your own personal accounts to the same questions can help produce more oxytocin. You need to be careful with this because you don’t want to seem nosy, so it might be better to start with something heartfelt that you know they have experienced and give your own account so that you can bond in this way.


  1. Be Trustworthy


Be a trustworthy and truthful person. It’s as easy as that.


  1. Get as Close as Possible (Physically)


Any tight spaces around? You will want to get as close as possible to this person to help increase the chances that you might touch physically. This will produce oxytocin.


  1. Don’t Do Too Much Bonding Too Soon


In females, oxytocin helps reduce stress levels. But in males, some stress levels may grow higher when oxytocin is produced. This means that if you start bonding too soon with too much oxytocin, it might cause a man to get too stressed out and anxious. Their flight or fight trigger will be aroused. You don’t want this, so go slow and steady pace.


  1. Have Sex


Having sex with someone is probably the best way to increase oxytocin production. Why? Because when you orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin. This is true for both men and women.


  1. Adjust Your Personality in This One Way


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