Is Your Relationship Poisoning You? How Can You Tell You’re in a Toxic Relationship?

toxic relationship

Every now and again you meet a person you want to get to know better. You pursue the relationship and end up involved, only to discover that the relationship only brings negativity. This situation might happen in a close friendship or love relationship.  How can you tell you’re in a toxic relationship? If you realize […]

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Stop Keeping Score: A Foolproof Plan for Taking Score-keeping Out of Your Relationships

Stop Keeping Score in Your Relationships

Keeping score can poison your relationships. Tallying up your disappointments or giving with expectations of what you’ll receive in return spell trouble for both romance and friendship. While it’s reasonable to expect some reciprocity, relationships are seldom a matter of 50-50. You’ll probably find that you’re more of a giver or a taker in different […]

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