Use These Provocative Little Phrases to Instantly Tantalize Him

Words vs. Looks

Who do you think will win?


Most women assume that you must be gorgeous in order to get a good man. That you have to have a great face and legs to catch someone’s attention.

Forget how you talk to him, right?

And sure. Having a killer figure, a clear complexion, great hair and a head-turning smile is a great way to catch a man’s attention.

But that’s just it … It only goes so far: Gets their attention.


What happens after that?

The thing about words … The thing about language … is that it supersedes looks. In fact, if you know how to use your words in a witty, provocative, intelligent way … It supersedes everything. You can literally get any man you desire. And this has been proven time and again.

A Sexy Bod: It Doesn’t Actually Do Much, Ladies

We’ve all known that woman who has it all in the looks department: She’s gorgeous, sexy, alluring and movie star-like in all the best ways. Next to her, you feel like a teenager who just hit puberty. Standing by her, everything about you is awkward. You become increasingly aware that your skin is far from perfect, that you’re too short, too chubby, too unfashionable.

But the weird thing that you might notice about this woman is that she doesn’t always get the guy.  Sure, sometimes women like this can have any guy they want. They definitely attract them. But where a solid relationship with an amazing man is concerned … it’s hit or miss. Some women look the part. But when it comes down to reeling in the catch, they fail miserably.

What’s unique about having a mastery of language and words and what makes this so different from just having great looks is that it works 100 % of the time. So, to answer the question above (Words vs. Looks)?

Words. Words, darling.

Oh, and another thing: The wonderful thing about having the right knowledge about what to say, when to say it and how to say it is that it literally doesn’t matter what look like. Seriously, if you know what you’re doing, if you use the right provocative phrases, you can get literally any man want.

Even if they don’t even know you.

Even if they’ve flat out rejected you.

Even if they’ve dated you once and left you …

You can make them not only fall in love with you … but you can make them crave you … need you. Day and night, they’ll be pining away for YOU.


“Not ready for marriage?”

“Got a new girlfriend?”

The right words work.

So …  then the question is, what exactly are you supposed to say?

Well, there’s a wealth of information on this topic, but let’s just cut to the chase, yeah?

Below, we’ve listed five examples of the most provocative little phrases that will instantly tantalize any man you desire.

  1. “I’ve been thinking about you.”


Hey, flattery works. How do you feel when someone says they’ve been thinking about you? Pretty darn good, right? This is how men feel too.

Surprisingly (extremely surprisingly actually) beautiful women avoid saying stuff like this. No, it’s true. Women who are only beautiful and basically nothing else think that they don’t have to flatter men, and this is where they get everything completely wrong. Men literally become uninterested in them because of this.


  1. “Sorry, I’m busy.”


Being unavailable is one of the most underrated techniques for getting the man of your dreams on the planet. Again, just enlist your own feelings around this theory: How do you feel if you invite someone to do something and they say they’re busy?


Most of the time, you feel like they have a life and you don’t. You’re trying to get them to join in on what you’re doing, but they’ve already got a whole thing going on … a whole world of social arrangements, friends, hobbies and interests that DON’T involve you.

Therefore … tell a man who asks you to hang out with him or get together for an impromptu work outing, for example, that you’re busy. Yep, even if you’re not. You got your own life, hun. And he’s not involved with it.

This intrigues men. They don’t want you to have your own life. They want to know what you’re doing!

On the other hand, if you were to follow them around like a puppy dog, they’d already know what it is you do. And what you do is pretty lame: You follow them around.

Don’t be a puppy dog. Tell him your busy. And wait for the call.


  1. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.”


Again, flattery wins the day. In this case, flattery is used to make this man feel unique and special—different from the herd.

This is a feeling that everyone wants to feel. Everyone wants to feel like they are exceptional, irreplaceable. And when you point this out, it makes men feel even more excited about themselves, and they link this feeling with you.


  1. “I love your ________.”


Ok, when we say that men want to be flattered, we mean it. But, hey doesn’t everyone? Furthermore, this is a different type of flattery: It makes him feel unique in a way that can literally be pinpointed.

Naturally, you need to fill in the blank with this phrase. So, pick out something that you truly do love or appreciate about him. But here’s the key: Try to make it something other than his looks. You might tell them that you love the way he speaks about a passion of his or the way he listens to other or how kind or calm he is.

Then, say it with feeling. Don’t mention it flippantly. Instead, took in his eyes and tell him what it is that you truly love about him.


  1. “I can’t wait to see you …”


Finally, if things have gotten to a more advanced level and you’re getting ready for a date or even just a get-together, tell him how excited you like to see him. Not only will this fire him up and get him excited for the coming meeting, but it will reassure him that you truly appreciate and like him as a person. Surprisingly, this is simply not done enough by women, who often tend to think that men don’t need reassurance. This is not true, and it’s a mistake that many women make.

Oh, and this phrase? It’s great for texts and emails especially. A little note that will remind him of you and make him feel good.

Need more phrases like these?

These phrases work. Which means they’ll go fast … you can’t go around reusing them and reusing ad nauseam, after all. They just don’t pack the same punch the second and third time around. Which means you’ll need more … so here’s a secret tip about where you can get additional phrases of the exact same kind (some, even better … and hotter!):

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