Revealed: The Top Two Hottest Things To Say In Bed

Revealed: The Top Two Hottest Things To Say In Bed

By Nick Bastion


top two hottest things to say in bed


When trying to up the spice in their love life and the pleasure in their lovemaking, most women focus on trying different physical things in the bedroom. They change how they touch their man, or how their man touches them, which positions they try, even what parts of the body they touch.
What most women are missing is a huge component for wildly pleasurable sex – the mind. More specifically, how to stimulate the mind in order to up the heat in the bedroom and turn on your man (and yourself) to new erotic heights.
One of the best ways to stimulate your mind in the bedroom is through dirty talk, both for him and for you. Saying the right thing in bed can drive him wild with passion, and can up the pleasure you feel enormously.
That’s why I polled my 100,000 member strong reading list on what their favorite thing for a woman to say in bed is, and then separated out the answers for men and women. I picked out the two answers that got the most responses, and here they are:
To Get Him Off:
“I’m coming”
That’s it. Those two little words are the most popular pick for what guys love to hear in bed. Men absolutely love when they hear those two little words in the bedroom. Not only is it a huge ego boost when they hear it, it also amplifies his pleasure, because it lets him know you’re getting off. It tells him that you’re so turned on you have no control over yourself anymore, that even if you wanted to, you couldn’t stop yourself from having an orgasm. That’s a very powerfully erotic thing to men, and it enhances his pleasure as well as yours.

To Get Yourself Off:
This one is a little less basic: for many women, giving their man a compliment on specifically what he’s doing helps them to focus on the sensation and up their pleasure.

“It feels so good when you [verb] my [body part]” came in at number one in my poll for women. When you specifically call attention to what he’s doing in a positive way, it makes him feel really good – it strokes his ego and makes the act that much more erotic to him.

Also, when you bring your own attention to it and say the words out loud, it actually makes the act more pleasurable for you. Plus, he’s more likely to keep doing the thing you like, which means you get off more.


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